Flow measurement solutions need to be developed and implemented in order to regulate the pressure of the flow of liquid and gas on the rest of the system, which needs the flow to work properly but has to have it regulated so that it won’t grind to a halt. In the industries that flow measurement equipment is used in, such as aerospace, food, power, water, petroleum and general manufacturing, time is often of the essence and the equipment helps to make sure that the system as a whole won’t break down and cost the company time and money while it is repaired.

There are a number of methods that can be used when implementing a flow measurement and regulation system, all of which are a bit more sophisticated than timing how long it takes for a bucket to fill up with a stopwatch. One of the most common, which is extensively provided by flow measurement companies like Hydrotechnik, is the positive displacement flow meter, which has several subcategories, including the reciprocating piston, the oval or helical gear, the rotary vane and nutating disk among others.

The general gist of a positive displacement flow meter is that it requires fluid to physically move some sort of component or small part inside the equipment so that the flow measurement can be recorded and regulated. In addition, the company supplies several kinds of miniature pressure sensor that act as transducers throughout the system in many fields, including pressure, temperature and volume flow rate. The company’s sensors can be supplied with the Intelligent Sensor Detection System feature, which means that all of the sensor’s parameters are stored within it this eliminates the chances of a user making an error when connecting the sensors to the equipment.

The company’s product range is much broader than can be described here also available on its website (though you have to register to see the prices of them) are axial flow turbines, circular and helical gear meters and electro-magnetic, Coriolis and ultrasonic flow meters. If you’re not sure which type of system and equipment are right for your company, then the company? hugely experienced and knowledgeable team is more than willing and capable of working and consulting with you to find it. Its services also include calibration of its equipment on your behalf and repairing any equipment that breaks down, sending it off to its original manufacturer if necessary.

Whatever your flow measurement needs, here you will find the knowledge and product range to find a solution that suits everyone, ensuring that you save time and money.

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