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Win a $20 Target Gift Card

after the Oscars air you can typically find me lingering in the checkout aisle trying to speed browse through PEOPLE Magazine checking out who wore it best. after every Oscars Award ceremony PEOPLE Magazine puts together the PEOPLE Magazine Oscars Double Issue on stands March 1st through March 18th. so how about a giveaway to celebrate the Oscars and PEOPLE Magazine’s Oscars Double Issue? one Blushing Basics reader will win a $20 giftcard to Target to pick up their own copy of PEOPLE Magazine and some yummy noms. follow the rafflecopter instructions below to enter: airbrush makeup seems like that unattainable option only available to movie stars and red carpet moments. i am here to smash that notion to pieces and let you know that airbrush makeup can be had by all. *standing on my soap box with a megaphone* AIRBRUSH MAKEUP CAN BE HAD BY ALL! what’s great is that companies are now introducing airbrush makeup kits that are not only affordable but also easy to use. below is the Luminess airbrush system i used to create the airbrush makeup tutorial http://www.oasap.com/tag/one-shoulder-dress. some perks of airbrush makeup include it is not silicone based, which means once you spray it on it stays put. it doesn’t smear, smudge or wipe away – a great option for events where you need the coverage to last. airbrush makeup won’t leave you with those nasty foundation lines – it sprays evenly and blends easily. last but not least airbrush is a dream for any germophobe, no re-dipping or transferring germs or brushes that collect bacteria. check out the video tutorial below to see how easy it really is to apply airbrush makeup. i used the Luminess Airbrush makeup kit which includes all products shown: airbrush, 4 shades of foundation, skin brightener, primer, blush and bronzer.

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