The demand for storage unit auctions has steadily increased this past year, and it’s no small wonder that people have also become increasingly interested in finding ways to augment their incomes.

Storage unit auctions are perfect for people who have extra capital to invest in goods that can be sold through physical stores and online. Seasoned auction hunters know how to maximize their profits by setting up small stores, and large online stores, so they can dispose of the goods that they’ve won from storage unit auctions.

Locating storage unit auctions

There are several ways of locating storage unit auctions in your city. The easiest way to locate nearby storage unit facilities is to check WhitePages. You can do that right now by visiting

Just type the keywords “storage unit” and add your city or state to the second search box. Hit search, and you will immediately see a list of storage unit facilities. Try to get the contact numbers of each facility that is within short distance of your location and ask them about their scheduled storage unit auctions.

Most storage unit facilities located near middle class communities and commercial zones have regular storage unit auctions. If you can, buy a journal and jot down all of the information you’re going to get over the phone.

Don’t forget to ask questions and, if possible, have the companies fax you upcoming auction schedules. The best source of information is still the companies themselves – don’t rely on information posted by third party websites, as these bits of information may be outdated or completely false.

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