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The importance of article marketing is well known in internet marketing, and submitting your articles to online directories has many benefits. First of all, it gives you targeted link juice. Your articles also bring relevant traffic to your site from a variety of sources, including other sites who re-use your content. There are, however, certain factors you should pay attention to when you submit articles if you want to get the full benefits from this practice. If you adhere to the following three principles, you’ll find that your article submissions bring you much better results.

Automated Income App You can promote affiliate products with your articles, but you cannot use any affiliate links inside your article or in the bio box. The most important thing to know is to abide by the specific terms of service for the directories. You have to consider that the article directories want to create a pleasant reading experience for their visitors. The article directories are concerned that they will lose visitors if there are too many commercial links. Obviously, you do not want to knowingly do something that will guarantee your article is rejected. Extra money for Christmas 2) Make sure you follow the article directory’s rules regarding HTML in your articles. If you insert extra HTML in your article, it can ruin an otherwise good article and cause it to be edited or rejected. You may have your articles rejected by directories if you do this, and this only wastes your time and efforts. You’re generally better off avoiding HTML in your articles, unless you know for sure that it’s allowed.

The article directories you choose to work with are up to you, but suggest you spread your articles around as much as possible. There is more to life than GoArticles and Ezinearticles, and of course you can do well with submitting to others, as well. There are probably tons of them you don’t even know exist. The traffic that they add up to is well worth your time if you take advantage of it. A lot of marketers use the variety of article directories for backlinking to their sites. A lesser important benefit is traffic generation from your backlink articles. It all depends on what you do, but for really all purposes you want to submit to more than just two directories. Xmas Cash Kit

If you adhere to the terms of service for articles and article submissions, then you will be fine.