What about the Swiss wave at BASELWORLD 2012 road for them Global clock trend indicator, world clock watching industry event — the 40th annual Swiss BASELWORLD (Basel and horological exhibit) on March 8-12 inside the capital of scotland – Basel, Switzerland, just perfect to celebrate the 155th anniversary of the trademark celebration of Swiss wave table, specific niche market, to create the 155th anniversary with the waste heat and horological exhibit this season, introduced the historical precipitation as well as the replica Jacob&Co Watches extremely high collection value dramatically in series as well as the royalty, however echo fashion big this coming year heat – agitation restoring ancient ways, the upcoming number of restoring ancient means of a bright, after in recent times, the rapid growth and development of wave road has developed into classic and fashion, grace and vitality in the international watch brands. www.ernestborel.ch Joel, series – Jules Borel Collection Joel series has been wave, named after the founder with the road so as to commemorate the Jules Borel Mr Brand contribution of replica Ulysse Nardin Watches wave road, and most 150 years for the profound influence of the watch industry, let posterity continue his “romantic, elegant” concept. Joel series show originality, be clear immediately, according to the K.E. with natural diamond decoration, again to go build, upgrade the Swiss made 9040 more automatic machine core, 18 k rose gold ring, in 3 h, 9 h and 12 h using diamond scale, with chromium steel and 18 k rose gold double color strap, sapphire crystal glass table mirror, pivottables bottom, 50 meters waterproof, doesn’t need the range value. Model: GKR9239-4599 L low swiss-made 9040 automatic movement L low calendar display L low momentum indicator L stainless watchcase, strap, section 18 k rose gold plated with gold L low surface, 15 natural diamonds L low sapphire crystal glass L low perspective the bottom of the table L low 50 meters waterproof The Royal series – the Royal Collection Inheriting classic, create brilliant. After replica Vacheron Constantin watches 155 years of solid precipitation, continuing to create market aggressively Swiss wave road, continuation of the brand’s 155th anniversary celebration of waste heat, hence in 2012 the royal series upgrade. Choose 2895 automatic machine with this series, 6 h a tiny three needle design, from the tradition of classic out personalized taste, article 3 d nail and Roman numeral scale, with metal double color strap, a sensible and farsighted humor fully in composed, polite, let somebody see admire, sapphire crystal glass table mirror with perspective the bottom of the table, with 30 meters waterproof function, is very made for business or leisure wear. Model: GBR6155W – 4829 L low swiss-made 2895 automatic movement L low small three stitches L low calendar display L low stainless-steel watchcase, strap L low sapphire glass table mirror L low perspective the bottom of the table L * 30 meters waterproof Retro series – Retro Collection Legend has it that it beautiful sapphire gems from the bottom of the sea, sea may be the essence in the sea, protect safety and happiness, therefore aquamarine may be called “the stone of love”. People love to wear aquamarine, we imagine you have a sweet love, to keep up a superb marriage. Blue sea is assigned to Beryl (Beryl) and emerald is just about the best, to precious green thick is sufficient. Is due to the search for love and happiness, inside the 1940 s, the Swiss wave road designer Adamir Debrot in blue sea, for inspiration, design in the market to gem series wrist watch, watch with blackish green color, symbol calm, brave and wise, with 40 s wave road butterfly trademark, contracted gives fully in deep wisdom, shows the ocean is vast, bold, magnificent, the strategies of nature thrives. For 156 years, the Swiss wave road table towards the romantic, positive is willing to take in customers, the search for a better life, perfect retro classic 70 years ago. New retro series wrist watch, deepen the gem series watch style, sometimes combined with fashionable element, design remain contracted style, it penetrates the agitation restoring ancient ways, fine leather strap, put hand, comfortable wearing. “Retro” because eternal topic of fashion, represents a trend, can be another style of honor “classic” and “traditional” attitude. Wave road series wristwatch restoring ancient ways could be the crystallization of “classic and skill”, worth We have you.