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Although public schools are government funded institutions that doesn’t mean that they should adopt a military like attitude toward any type of dress code. Part of the educational process shouldn’t include the added stress of clothing Nazis on the school grounds running around with rulers to make sure every shirt is exactly 3″ below the waistline among other things. It’s counterproductive.


I can figure the attraction. I am not secretly sympathetic to the message, and listening to conservative talk doesn seem to have affected my political beliefs. I as leftleaning as I was under those covers in high school. I don for a moment think callin radio improves my mind by presenting spirited political debate; today conservative talkers have fewer actual callers and less dissent than those of years past. I do not see anything admirable in the questionandanswer tactic that the hosts use to beat down dissenting views. Yet, when I can listen to Friday or of the Nation, I go straight to the wingnuts.


When Higginson urged her to come to Boston in 1868 so that they could formally meet for the first time, she declined, writing: “Could it please your convenience to come so far as Amherst I should be very glad, but I do not cross my Father’s ground to any House or town”. 


Scentsy use a combination of essential and synthetic oils in their fragrances. Our Scentsy bars are FOOD GRADE wax which is the same kind of wax that makes apples shiny. Its non toxic if ingested accidentally. Our personal care range uses NO GMO’s, no parabens, etc. Our waxes AND bar containers are also biodegradable and have passed very very stringent EU safety and environmental laws. How many products in your cupboard can make that claim?


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