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wall decals online Australia

wall decals Australia Stickers: Top Tips on the best surfaces for wall decals and wall stickers.
In reality, decals and surface graphics can be applied to any surfaces that you imagine as long as they fit with the above. Try applying decals to a ceiling! A floor! A fridge! A filing cabinet! A reception desk! Decals and surface graphics work on many surfaces.

From design the kids’ bedrooms to adding a outstanding, designer-edge to your family room, baby wall stickers decals and stickers are reasonable and simple to put up. You can even get the small children engaged and still become with a significant final result.

To top it off wall decals quotes graphics are easily-removed, so if you’re leasing or decide on afterward that you’d like a transform it’s as hassle-free as pulling them off and setting up again!

So how do you go about installing wall stickers for kids stickers? Well, at first start with a nice and clean, dry wall- if the wall is moist or mucky at all then the decorations won’t adhere as well.

Next, work out how you want to place the stickers on the wall. The most effective way to do this is to cut your sheet of wall stickers into their individual pieces – you can do it somewhere around, as once you’ve worked out where you want them you’ll peel the stickers from their backing.

A simple way to work out where the stickers should go is to use masking tape to placement the pieces. That way you can get an idea of the final design (stand back a few times and look at it from a distance to make sure you’re happy!) before you start sticking it in place.

This is a beneficial step where you can have fun with the little ones and let them join in on working out where the graphics should go.

It’s extremely important to note that some brands of wall peel offs are not multiple-use, meaning that if you stick them somewhere and decide you don’t like it then (while you can remove it) you won’t be able to put it somewhere else. Check the instructions in your kit to find out if yours are reusable or not.

Once you’ve got a appealing placement determined, start sticking! Work from one end of your design to the other, and carefully stick each piece using a smoothing tool such as a piece of card or plastic. Ensure you smooth it in the one direction and step back frequently to ensure you’re still happy with the design.

There you are! You’re glorious new wall decals nursery art is complete!

Voila! You’re beautiful new wall art is finished!
Sooki Nooki offer a wide range of affordable and original wall designs for your Interior. Our decals are easy to apply and easy to remove.
In the most gorgeous designs imaginable, Our wall stickers won’t damage your walls, peel up at the edges, fall off or fade. They’ll go up, stay up and look amazing for years and years. And unlike other fabric wall stickers on the market, ours are washable and wearable, so ideal for commercial and domestic applications.
Sooki Nooki is an Australian company that supplies gorgeous adhesive decals for the home and children.
Easily decorate kids and nursery rooms with quality removable wall stickers. http://www.sookinooki.com.au

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