Just a few years ago, the Apple iPhone entered the mobile phone market and changed the rules. Suddenly, people had Internet access as they had never had before along with a better user experience. This lead to a whole new revolution in the smart phone market, and today there are millions of people that frequently access the Web from their mobile phones to carry out their activities, right from checking email to buying products and services. Right now, if you get into it, the competition is still not very high and you may be able to profit well from your particular niche. By designing a mobile version of your website, as soon as you can, you will be able to tap this emerging market. Follow these strategies to help you with your very first mobile website.

Why You Need Progressive Enhancement: Smart phones are a large industry, and one brand and model is not exactly like another one. You don’t want to risk having your website not look right on certain types of mobile phones. If you want to improve the overall quality of your mobile site’s design, it’s a good idea to use progressive enhancement. One of the reasons to do this is to allow even less advanced web browsers on mobile phones to easily view your site. While everyone will be able to access your site, those with the best quality phones or browsers will get even more out of it. Since your goal is to reach as many mobile phone users as possible, you should really be using progressive enhancement. This is a simple way to quickly reach out with your mobile website to more potential customers. The Importance of Balance: If any of your pages has too much content, users may become frustrated if it takes too long to load. This can prove to be daunting on your website and thus consume bandwidth that could have been cut down. The best approach is to limit how much content you use on your mobile site, and divide it up among your pages so no single page is overloaded.

Copywriting: Efficient copywriting can work wonders when you’re creating the content for your mobile website; it allows you to pass on your message in the least amount of words. You should use the same basic formula as you would with a sales letter or regular web page, only aimed at the mobile phone audience. This might not seem like a lot of content, but trust me, it will be enough to get you high conversions on your mobile site. Don’t let the idea of building your first mobile website intimidate you; it’s not really that different from creating any other kind of online content. You will find that people love your site’s mobile version if you do it the right way.

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Mobile Money Code

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