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Even if a business website exists solely to gather leads, the end-result is monetization of those leads. You can create a blog or static site around any subject you want, and whether or not you decide to add some income streams to it is entirely up to you. The majority of web businesses are always looking for additional means to increase their online revenue. Naturally, additional income streams added to any new business is a personal decision. Any addons in the way of monetization should ideally be based on the needs of your particular market. In this article we shall be looking into a few powerful money making methods that you can employ on your site and see great results.

You can always locate relevant and valuable information, often niche specific, at places such as forums and social media/networking websites. However, you can also create a private, exclusive forum where the forum members can pay an onetime fee (or even a recurring one) to join and reap its benefits. The reason such a private forum works in between all those free forums is because of the quality of content offered. In this kind of arrangement we think you will see a big difference than in the free forums, and the difference is people will care more because they have to pay to join.

Almost since the beginning of the internet, affiliate marketing has been and continues to be the monetization method of choice. When you engage in affiliate marketing you can monetize your site in so many ways it’s really up to you. Some marketers generate business leads and sell them; while others sell various products and services. This is perhaps the one monetization model of choice for millions of internet marketers, but you do need to learn more about it if you’re not familiar. It’s not hard to go into any of the major IM forums and find people who do this full-time and make great income. It’s true that you can base your entire online business presence just on affiliate marketing.

This third and last monetization approach involves selling access to ultra premium content for a fee. If you want something to jog your brain; structure your site so people can read a little bit of the content, and then you simply let them know the rest is available for some set fee. Not everyone will want to buy a subscription, although many will, and so in addition you can offer one-time purchases. You’d be surprised at the businesses that use this model, and it’s certainly not just the small, individual online entrepreneur.

These monetization methods we’ve discussed are all proven to be effective. All of this is great, but if you are not well prepared for whatever it is you’re doing, then you will likely run into some difficulties. Just take action and do your hard work and be patient, and your actions will reward you in time. But use your good judgement about how much you monetize your website.
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