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Time to save up in a pair of nice and relaxing earphones

We, as humans, are all given by God with five great senses. We lean on these five senses everyday. It has become a constant affair that at some moment in time, we abuse the function of it. All the five senses each holds a meaningful task in our daily activities, but let’s just go deeper a little bit on the sense of hearing which I consider appeals out and stuns me the most. We are the teachers of our ears and we handle and let good or bad inputs to insert into it. It is hence essential that we constantly tune our ears to the appropriate input and with the right stuff!

There’s so many different types of sounds that alive throughout the nation currently. songs are sorted into a range of types counting on its forms. It flows from slow and melodious sounding piano music to loud and rock melody depending on each one’s personality. The thought is so great when you are home alone and playing your most desired music through your speakers. However, you can’t do the alike thing when you are out and walking alone. It gets a little bit annoying to play your pieces out loud on public places and it may be a disturbance to other commuters. Therefore, the only solve to this challenge would be buying in a good and proper pair of earphones that is of good quality. The reason why you should invest in a quality earphone and not a buy-1-get-1-free earphone is so you could appreciate the dynamics of the songs and listen to your music at the most comfortable way and not having to feel that the music will be bad.
Mellow Works Studio established recently in Singapore by 3 own undergrads giving things that are wholly on earphones. They are very dedicated to the idea of good amount versus utility ratio, which is why they are very selective about the items they have in their website. The website that they have come out with has lots of great facts in regards to earphones. therefore, please don’t doubt to see it and explore through the videos that they have uploaded.

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