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There are several sorts of banks in Singapore that are offered for people to select from and keep safe their income with. A record of banks and financial institutions are arranged and put in place in alphabetical orders on www.bankingandfinance.com.sg for people to take a look and consider their most ideal financial institutions to help out with managing their financial investments such as savings, asset management and funds management and insurance. The banks in Singapore delivers a broad array of products and services which includes personal, commercial, corporate and trade finance, bank guarantees, capital markets, money market and foreign exchange services.

Other than the banking services provided by the many banks in Singapore, there is also a tight competition that is moving on among the investment banks and organizations that present financial advisory solutions. Some of these solutions include financial management, asset management and funds management which ensure that your money is well-invested and there is high return on your investment with them.

An investment bank helps to purchase large holdings of new issued shares and resells them to investors. It also assists individuals, businesses and governments in elevating capital by underwriting and/or operating as the client’s agent in the issuance of securities. Investment banks are varied from commercial banks and retail banks as they do not take in any deposits.

Recruitment for the banking and financial industry can be very focussed as only the top in the arena of experienced bankers and financial experts are much sought after, given the extremely competitive aspect of the industry. Qualified executive search experts are usually involved to assist with the employment of professionals for high level positions available in the field.

Firms working in stocks and shares are also listed in www.bankingandfinance.com.sg. There are a variety of exchange and broking firms that support clearing houses, money brokers, stock & bond brokers/dealers and securities financing. Additionally, with the advancement in technology these days, all these stock markets can also be observed via the internet, just like how individuals can resolve their funds transfer with e-banking. With just a touch of their mouse, any financial, banking service or transaction can be executed via e-banking made available by the banks in Singapore.

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