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The right price for homecoming dressesLet face it. Homecoming is a big night. There lots of glamour, excitement, fun and beautiful dresses, but it just not prom. When it comes to the formal gowns you will invest in, many girls find that it just makes more sense to spend that little extra on prom dresses and a little less on homecoming gowns. Luckily there are so many beautiful homecoming gowns out there at affordable prices, that you can feel like a princess at homecoming too. Some of the gowns in the Fall 2010 homecoming line are under $100. Many are under $200. If you are lucky enough to have a higher budget, there are many choices for you too.


Reward Yourself: Every single action you do in your life is associated with some kind of reward or you wouldn be doing it. You brush your teeth to avoid another painful trip to the dentist. You dress to the nines in anticipation of an awesome date with someone you love. A tsunami of the brain chemical dopamine floods your mind and body with feelings of pleasure. You feel terrific. So, as you commit your 6 week plan to paper (or iPad, Excel spreadsheet or whatever works for you), make a list of minirewards that will accompany achievement of your minigoals. It could be purchasing a cherished piece of clothing, a fun trip, or a joyful walk with your best friend. Or, it could be a fabulous sense of accomplishment. Your life work needs to be balanced by countless rewards.light pink evening dresses


These clothes are evidence of the way in which fashion can grow and evolve, of the way in which garments can reflect a designer’s confidence and innate sense of style. There is no sudden and harsh shift in Prada’s aesthetics. The same customer who was enchanted by slouchy cardigans glistening with crystals can find something to admire in a camel coat, its silhouette defined by inverted seams, or in another coat spared from banality by a storm of gold grommets along its hemline. These clothes retain the effervescence of Prada’s more decorated collections. They tell the same story of conservative glamour. They simply do it more quietly. Twinkling crystals have been exchanged for industrial metal. Rainbows of rhinestones have been traded in for monochromatic ones. A neckline is traced by a seam instead of a spray of multicolored peacock feathers. A cape is made of lush, dark feathers instead of shiny sequins. Coats are decorated with crocheted teardrops instead of chunky baubles. Doesn’t everyone  except perhaps political pundits  get tired of shouting? It is possible to use a stage whisper and still deliver a powerful message. It may even be a more effective form of communication.long black evening dresses