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We live in a world where a man has a house, owns a car, has decent clothes and earns good money but still craves for more. A man with everything cries; cursing his fate of loneliness, consumes alcohol to overcome that sorrow, his sleep has left his eyes years ago. He has no happiness because he still wants more, long after his needs are amply met. On the other hand there’s a fellow man living on the streets with: no proper clothing to bring comfort through the nights of coldness; no food to calm his rumbling stomach in the salving of his hunger; no slippers to protect his feet from the harshness of the concrete roads – yet still he dances and sings upon the road. The earning of a penny – of that single penny – makes him grin even wider. The difference between the two is that the first is blinded by his greed, not being able to see God’s grace and never sparing a moment to thank The Lord; while the second is so deprived that even a penny makes him happy, and in return he gives thanks to The Lord.

People are so full of hatred that they have lost sight of reality, just regarding the whole world as competition and an enemy. The rush to become top of the heap is so ingrained that people are no longer waiting for a gap in the traffic; rather, they are stepping on each other in a scramble up the slope. People can’t accept others’ success; they envy them in jealousy, pray for them to lose. It is to the shame of man that love, affection and the brotherhood and sisterhood of fellowship is rapidly disappearing. People are reluctant to affirm a good deed: everyone is seen to be busy criticizing and picking out the flaws. No one is interested in appreciating and praising. The race to the top is so intense, people end up with their faith crushed, their hearts severely damaged, and once valued relationships in tatters – and, at last, all they are seen to win is subject to decay.

People are not atheistic in their choosing to ignore the existence of The Lord; for as their bad deeds have swamped their souls and quietened their spirits so they have grown in acceptance of the evil from deep within the chambers of their blackened hearts. They may go to churches, may offer confessions, but their hearts of insincerity won’t undo their bad deeds committed each within their own freewill.

This may well be what Christianity encompasses by its lack of definition in The Bible – in doing both wrongful and hurtful actions and then, with an apology to The Lord, the wrongs have suddenly been reset to right! No! A thousand times No! Each will be held accountably for such activities by God where sincerity is missing from the tongue and heart of man. For those who would call themselves The Followers of Jesus, The Disciples of The Lord, this is not acceptable behaviour, as the Bible clearly teaches. Those who are tasked, within the scriptures, to judge only their companions – those who profess to be committed to His way of living. So, also, these are they who have no business to judge those outside the discipling within The Shepherd’s fold: for those are they who remain in the world at large – to be ultimately judged by God himself.

Accept His presence in your life, notice the difference that this brings. Still have a shaky faith? Visit thewebsiteofthelord.org.nz. This site is there to assist those people who may have lost their way, who desire to cleanse their soul; their body; their spirit; to renew their hope for the future; to receive the overcoming faith in our Lord; to discover all His promises – the basis of our inheritance – arising from His time upon the cross.

Regain your confidence and become alive again in your enjoyment of life. Seek the Words of Wisdom to help you achieve more in your life than you ever thought you could. For The Lord Jesus will never leave you, will help you get up again every time: as He walks with you in holding your hand throughout your life.

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