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If you want to build up relationships with your customers, then the smartest way to do it is by producing a blog. A blog is a powerful tool that can be utilized to keep your future clients updated about your company. It is a good way to get the trust of your current blog readers and possibly transform them into future customers. It lets them see that you are current with what is happening with the market. This can be a good way to earn some additional money. Tons of methods can be used to monetize your blog. In this article we are going to share a few of them with you.

Post Amazon product reviews on your blog. The great thing about this particular strategy is that you get to choose which products you review. Thanks to the amazing referral and affiliate program, you earn quite a good percentage of any sale of products or books made through the Amazon link you place on your blog. The best way to get good sales this way is to write very thorough reviews that tell people exactly what to expect but that do not give away the whole thing.

Sure, you could set up a widget in your sidebar but you’ll get more sales by reviewing products in posts. Not only will you make more sales, you’ll be better endearing yourself to the people who read your blog. Sell your own products. There are web portals like CafePress and Zazzle that will have items like t-shirts, notepads, magnets, etc printed up for you. Think about placing the name of your blog on a couple of t-shirts or notepads. Create a spectacular graphic and put it on a magnet. You get a percentage of every sale you make and having products out there with your blog name and your work on it can help spread the word about your site. It like doing two things at once because your are getting more cash, but you also getting more traffic for your website. This is a very good thing for everyone.

Consider getting a job as a blogger for others. Creating a blog will allow others to see how well you can write. Other bloggers can give you money to create blog posts for them. The great thing about blogs is that you do not have to do much research because you can just talk to your readers. You can put your own spin into your blog posts and make them your own. If this is done for your blog, then you will have tons of businesses that will want you to do the same for them.

If you need to make a little extra money, there’s no better way than via blog monetization. Some people have been so successful at blog monetization that they don’t really need to do anything else to make money. If you are like most people, though, it’s likely you will only be generating a little additional cash that will only be a supplement to your larger projects. But the fact is that every extra cent matters.
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Wall Street Exposed

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