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There are quite a few different things that you can do to build your business online and using Facebook is just one of them. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you’re running, as long as you’re looking more exposure and a new approach to your marketing, Facebook is for you. But how do you actually use Facebook to grow your company?

Fan Page Picture: Find a picture that is dynamic for your business’s fan page on Facebook because it is an important tool to help your social media strategy. Using the elements of your page is absolutely critical in reaching your target. Using the wrong picture or not effectively using the space on your Facebook page can be a hindrance to your business’s social media strategy. Companies, big and small, want to build a brand, which is the reason that Facebook is now providing you the option of using big pictures on your page. Be assured that the picture you choose for your page is the most effective for your business.? So that your target audience receives the message, choose a picture that is both attractive as well as concise.

Never Ever Sell on Facebook: Facebook is not a platform to go promote your products and try to throw a sales pitch at your network. You should only be selling on your blog or website, and you can use social networks to generate quality traffic. A good idea is to direct your traffic to a presell page, rather than your sales letter. The key is to always treat your friends on social network in a friendly way, not as people you’re trying to sell to. If you stick to making recommendations rather than selling, your business will receive more benefits from Facebook. Let others know about the product you want them to check out or the site you want them to visit, but do it in a friendly way.

One feature you should make use of on Facebook is the vanity url, where you can choose a keyword and create your own url for your page. This is a way to get your keyword ranked highly in the search engines by having it in your url. Your Facebook page will also be easier to promote this way, as the url will tell people right away what its topic is. You should, therefore, use a vanity url so that you can start to build your own brand on Facebook. Friend Requests Should be Kept in Check: If you send out a very large number of friend requests, especially if many of them are declined, Facebook may label you a spammer. There’s no doubt that you should grow your network and get to know new people, but do it gradually, in a systematic way. People can get banned on Facebook for spam, so make sure this doesn’t happen to you. In conclusion, from the above article we can clearly see that Facebook is here to stay. In a way, it’s becoming so widely used that it’s like a whole internet in itself. You may as well take advantage of the opportunity Facebook represents to expand your business and reach out to lots of people in your niche.
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