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Successful European Relaxation Music “A Baby’s Lullaby” Coming to America

(1888 PressRelease) Chantal Hartmann’s three-volume brand-new age music series, developed around a 64-BPM heart beat pulse to promote relaxation for moms and kids, is set for U.S. release.


Las Vegas, NV-AZ – “A Baby’s Lullaby” is a three-volume brand-new age music series produced by German author Chantal Hartmann that works as a natural sleep help and basic relaxation device for brand-new and expectant moms and their kids. This research-based music has actually been developed around a heart beat pulse of 64 beats per minute, as music at about this rate promotes relaxation by bringing brain waves from the beta to alpha variety, while the heart beat noise has a soothing result on the infant, as it is similar to being in the womb. Relaxation is additional motivated with Hartmann’s calming vocals, unified noise structures and fragile string plans. 


“A Baby’s Lullaby” was very first presented in Germany 5 years back. The 3 volumes within the series – “Elation,” “Senses” and “Tenderness” – have actually because collected over 50,000 download purchases throughout Europe while getting recommendations from music therapists, physicians and moms alike. The total music series is now being launched to the American market as a physical three-CD box readied to consist of one-hour smooth luxurious variations of each volume. 


The music reaches throughout borders with using Hartmann’s distinct creative language produced with vocables – words that have no particular definition. 


“I wished to make up music that neither distracts nor tells a story, however rather motivates the listener to find their natural slumbering power with creativity and feeling,” Hartmann states.


Chantal Hartmann was born and raised in the Black Forest of southwestern Germany where she got formal training in voice, piano and violin. Over the previous twenty years her compositions have actually been included on various cds, tv programs and commercials throughout Europe. She contributes both musically and creatively as a vocalist, vocal coach, author and arranger for different artists, with credits consisting of Ireen Sheer, Fabrizio Faniello and Graham Bonney. 

CiXi Digital Records is an independent record label focusing on Avant-Garde, Spoken Word, New Age and Jazz. We aim to inform and equip our artists while motivating complete creative flexibility and innovative participation in every step of development. Since of this collective effort in between artist and label, we remain to launch music that is of the greatest quality and in its purest type.

Hartmann has actually composed, produced and carried out the whole series of “A Baby’s Lullaby: Deep Relaxation for Mother and Child”, being launched in the United States by Las Vegas-based label Cixi Digital Records on Sept. 16, 2014. 


For more details or to hear music samples, kindly go to www.ababyslullaby.com



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