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Are you travelling to Melbourne? Do you wish to stay in an affordable yet comfortable accommodation? Then there is nothing better than going for budget group accommodation. Nowadays, backpackers from all over the world are making the most of inexpensive services provided by hostels across the length and breadth of Melbourne, Australia.

Melbourne is one of the most buzzing cities in the world. Tourists from all over the world travel to the place to have a great, memorable time. The cultural hotspot attracts the attention of millions of travelers each year. The second most populous city of the country celebrates a whole host of annual cultural events each year. Whether it is film festivals or sporting events, there is no dearth of reasons for you to head to this gem of a city.

Owing to the rising inbound tourist traffic, a number of hostels have established in the city. The hostels contain dorms that provide shared accommodation to budget-conscious backpackers. The providers of group accommodation in Melbourne comprise dorms with 4 to 10 beds as well as private rooms. These youth hostels in Melbourne are suitable for travelers who are young and who wish to explore the beauty of the city. Even at low rates, the Melbourne youth hostels offer unmatched facilities. Let’s take a look at some of these.

Free Wi-Fi, free parking, free breakfast and free events are some of the amenities provided by new age hostels. Other than this, the Melbourne backpacker hostels are also equipped with 24 hour reception, luggage lock ups, CCTV camera and much more. Where else can you get all this and more too at a reasonable price.

If you are looking to utilise the services of one such cheap hostel Melbourne, then you must do some research in advance and settle for the services of only the best. It is always advised to go through the feedback of past backpackers and accordingly get in touch with the best hostel in Melbourne. Not only this, but you can even head to the websites of these hostels, compare their rates, services etc. and make your own decision.

All in all, there are enough options when it comes to finding cheap accommodation in the city. The onus lies with you to find out the most sought-after hostel. Among the list of Melbourne hostels, one that has been able to make a strong impact on the youth and adventure travel market is Habitat HQ. Since day one, the well-reviewed and popular hostel in Melbourne St Kilda has been rendering unbeatable value for money. The Free events provided by this leading hostel make the experience of staying in St Kilda truly mesmerising. You can get further info about Habitat HQ on its website www.habitathq.com.au.