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The very thought that strikes our mind when we talk of smartphones is why they are called so? They are named that way simply because they allow users to do multiple things. Also, Smartphones are smart because of the operating system that they carry which is a series of programs managing computer hardware and software resources to provide certain services. The most popular smartphone operating systems are Google’s Android, Apple’s iOS, Microsoft’s Windows Phone, Nokia’s Symbian, RIM’s BlackBerry OS, and Linux.

In the present day, sales figures in application stores marks the change of OS preference.  Users now prefer more advanced operating systems in order to explore complicated yet amazing features. The increase of smart phone and tablet users, has increased the demands of apps that are now being sought after. In that case, one can have access to many applications based on ecommerce, games and location. Smartphones allow multi-tasking like make to-do lists, monitor appointments, set reminders, save contact information, MP3 players and GPS receivers, take pictures, record voice messages, record videos, transfer and receive files using Bluetooth, GPRS and what not.

Thus, it is no wonder that conventional  cellphones are now being dramatically replaced by constantly improving smartphones. Now a days, unlike earlier, these smartphones are affordable and extraordinarily stylish.  Brands like Samsung, Nokia, iPhone, Blackberry and others have introduced updated models, styles and operating systems available in the market. With the changing time, our needs of applications has also changed. We have become more techno savvy than ever, thus, increasing the demand of new, innovative and advanced applications. In the competitive world, our only goal is to stay ahead with others in the race in every terms and technology has always been a trustable device to help us achieve this goal.

Therefore, we are blessed with Advansoft. Advansoft is a proud member of Apple’s iOS developer program. The mobile application company Dubai is moving forward with various missions that include providing quality services, implementing the latest technology, developing solutions with a team of highly qualified experts, innovating new methods and solutions, delivering solutions that offer relevant results, and designing solutions to maximize efficiency and speed. They endeavor to provide standard services accompanied by a team of expertise professionals that provide flexible and practical solutions for mobile applications that take care of customer’s immediate plus future needs. Out of the whole range of comprehensive services that the company specialize in, mobile application development is the most sought after.

Advansoft is renowned for their technical knowledge in combination with innovative research techniques. Whether be it an application or a widget, they can provide quality solutions as per your IT needs. They offer services  for iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Symbian, Window mobile and android phones, and J2ME. They offer an exclusive range of software and application development services that are highly innovative and unbeatable that include application development and enhancement, enterprise solutions, rapid proto-typing, re-engineering and optimization, migration and integration, application maintenance and support.

The company believes that technology should be accessible to everyone, hence, with this vision they commit themselves to offer services that further help people to enjoy its efficiency and progress. For more information about them, visit them at  www.advansoft.ae