The term spices is often used in broader way which include all the seasoning that is used by chefs and housewives in the kitchen, usually the spices can be obtained from bark ,roots, stems ,buds, seeds and fruits of aromatic plants that usually grows only in tropical countries, some examples of spices includes ,clove black pepper, cinnamon, mace ,nutmeg, turmeric.

In any cuisine the spice plays a vital role in making the food more delicious and exquisite, we can say that the spices are the soul of any food. Throughout the world it is very common for us to find the use of some basic herbs and spices such as cloves and cinnamon. When a word wedding comes to our mind then another related word also arises and that’s food. .when you are to attend a wedding ceremony you are about to enjoy a delicious food at the end of the ceremony .can you imagine those delicious food without spices? Well it will surely ruin the entire ceremony as the guest would be returning back empty stomach. So this makes your realize the importance of spices in the food.

In countries like UAE, India, Pakistan and other Middle East continues where the people give top priority to the food and people usually tends to find the flaws in cooked food almost daily as they want only well spiced up food. The use of species and herb is must in those countries. The degree of exquisiteness of a food is determined by the composition of spices in the food.

Some of the most basic spices are explained below.


Turmeric is a well known spice which is used in cooking as well as for medicinal uses , when used in making different types of vegetable curries it imparts fabulous yellow color and impart the curry a very piquant flavor, actually it adds bittersweet and stringent flavor to food. Turmeric is known as strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory herb very helpful in treatment of skin disease, bacterial infection and treatment of skin.


Clove is the aromatic dried flower bud which is tree native to Indonesia and used as a spice in food all round the world, in cooking they are used as whole or in their ground form. Clove is extensively used in briyani dish to enhance the essence of the rice. Clove can also be used to make tasty split tea bean soup and chili.

Red chilies

Red chilies are used in pure form or as a powder by, red chilies considered as an essential part of any food as it plays important role In flavoring the curry

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