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Looking for a more leading printing solution as compared to the normal printing from the usual colour home printer? With the betterment in technology these days, the preference for 3D images and printing is increasing quickly and businesses currently are more towards in 3D pictures. Creatz3 is a 3D printing company, backed by Objet, is specifically started for customers that needs 3D printing services.

We give the recent 3D printing systems and services brought to you by Objet as well as support rapid prototyping services to create your pieces. Our products and services are useful for any group involved in the designing and making of physical goods as it works in efficiency and cost effectiveness. Handling 3D software or other 3D tools altogether with Objet’s 3D printers, we are also able to fabricate any 3D design of various material or any complex patterns without having any assembling. Additionally, being industry-friendly, organisations using Our solutions can be found in many areas such as medical, education, animation, aerospace, automative, consumer goods & electronics, toys etc. With over a/an spectrum of 60 items, your prototypes can perfectly copy the appearance, feel and function of the real goods. This enables people to really mobilize all their five senses to enjoy a good and significant experience with the products.

With Objet technology, models are made in such perfect accuracy and with such beautiful factors that it can be quite challenging to identify between prototype and the end product. This proofs that the Objet technology is really good in producing 3D products! There is definitely so much more you can do with an Objet 3D printer. With Objet’s broad range of printing services, it promotes possibilities in the post process and advanced rapid prototyping usage.

Radio Prototyping allows the quick manufacturing of physical models using three-dimensional computer aided design data. It also acts as an active and efficient method in bringing out our beautiful design ideas as it allows companies to turn innovative ideas into successful complete products actively and persuasively.

Objet is absolutely one of the good introduction that has enabled a company to reach higher level of success. So, why settle for less when you can get the best? Hurry trade in your 3D printer for Objet today!

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