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Finding for a more forward printing guide as compared to the common printing from the normal colour office printer? With the advancement in technology these days, the call for 3D photos and printing is growing hastily and people now are more into in 3D pictures. Creatz3 is a 3D printing organisation, supported by Objet, is distinctly set up for guests that uses 3D printing services.

We provide the advance 3D printing systems and equipments brought to you by Objet as well as supply rapid prototyping services to manufacture your works. Our products and services are ideal for any association involved in the innovating and manufacturing of physical products as it helps in efficiency and cost effectiveness. Using 3D software or other 3D products combined with Objet’s 3D printers, we are also able to make any 3D design of different textures or any unique shapes without needing any construction. Next, being industry-friendly, offices applying Our solutions can be found in various industry such as medical, education, animation, aerospace, automative, consumer goods & electronics, toys etc. With over a/an array of 60 textures, your prototypes can accurately reproduce the look, feel and function of the actual thing. This allows people to really use all their five senses to experience a good and memorable experience with the objects.

With Objet technology, things are copied in such top correctness and with such admirable details that it can be quite challenging to differentiate between prototype and the complete product. This means that the Objet technology is really amazing in producing 3D images! There is no doubt so much more you can do with an Objet 3D printer. With Objet’s wide variety of printing applications, it gives possibilities in the post process and advanced rapid prototyping functions.

Radio Prototyping authorizes the quick making of physical models using three-dimensional computer aided design data. It also acts as a speedy and effective way in portraying our creative design works as it provides companies to switch beautiful workpiece into successful final products quickly and efficiently.

Objet is truly one of the unique creation that has provided a company to enjoy higher level of success. So, why settle for less when you can get the best? Hurry trade in your 3D printer for Objet today!

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