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The most awaited product by Apple after the iPhone 5 is the iPad Small. Now right after the launch of this product you will find news floating in the technology market about the product along with its real power. It appears that we have seen a little bit of dissatisfaction associated to this product.

Let us find out what exactly is it about and why it has dissatisfied customers once they have purchased the product.

Prices, Display and Resolution

Everybody was financial upon the retina show but it appears that Apple has made a compromise using this technology in regards to the iPad small. The quality of the iPad Mini is that of 1024 x 768p. This quality is not good enough and it certainly has handled to shock customers.

The news media continues to be hovering the news of this new iPad comparing it with the rivals, Nexus and Kindle that are perceived to be leading in their technology. Even though Apple has integrated 35Percent of more screen room giving a wide watching experience but the substandard display quality is frustrating. This is what makes its competitors a better option in regards to better display quality.

Another thing that comes immediately to the mind is the price aspect. The iPad small begins at $329 and this is in razor-sharp distinction to what the Nexus 7 and Amazon kindle Fire (High definition) has to provide. They are priced a lot less at $199. Nonetheless, when we look at the cumbersome Kindle Fire that is a whooping 10 ” tablet over the 7.9 inch Apple iPad mini we find the second option to be better. It is relatively easy to keep and manage when compared to the competitor 10 ” tab. This is exactly what makes it impressive and provides a reason for the consumer to prefer it over the iPad Small. Some users would also like to consider additional features which come as an include-on using this new version. 250,000 applications have already been additional which is definitely a deal with for technology users. Surprisingly these run better unmodified with low screen quality. A high screen quality like that of Apple tab is power consuming. Therefore, again it seems that the rivals have taken a bigger step in comparison to the Apple product.

Mossberg and Nexus are actually favored for watching videos. One will find no or small dissimilarity with the iPad for video viewing purpose.

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