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There is a stating that will go something like this “your asphalt shouldn’t be sealcoated because it needs to breath”. I can’t let you know how many times I heard this misinformed viewpoint in my travels because an asphalt maintenance contractor.

To the “nay sayers” advantage, I will recognize that there’s some truth to the declaration above. New asphalt should not be sealcoated in the first Ninety days to 6 months. The reason is because new asphalt experiences a treating stage in that chemicals are freed from the asphalt. A tell tale sign that asphalt continues to be dealing with this stage is that there must be a rainbowish hue to water whenever the asphalt is actually wet. This is the water and the chemicals nevertheless combining.

Following the treating procedure has completed, it is time to sealcoat your own asphalt. If asphalt is not covered this will oxidize and start to fade. Maybe you have observed how the color of new asphalt modifications from black to brown to grey to white? My buddy, this really is the immediate results of sunlight, water, along with other external problems.

Just sealcoating will protect your asphalt from the destruction caused by oxidation. In the event that asphalt becomes oxidized this now loses a few of its versatility properties, that can outcome in breaking. Another main benefit of sealcoating is the protection from gasoline and oil. Unfortunately, fuel, oil and the chemicals in the asphalt binder (holds the rock together) are all petroleum dependent products. Why should that matter? Well, being that they are from the exact same source in the planet, they’ve an organic inclination to relationship with each other. The result of this particular connecting is actually the oil as well as fuel drops the asphalt binder. As soon as the asphalt binder is damaged which stone begins to release from the surface area. Next time you go to an extremely filled parking lot, take a notice to the condition of the asphalt that’s been seriously dirty along with oil.

Therefore the next time somebody lets you know that you simply shouldn’t sealcoat your asphalt, make sure you stage them to this article at ezine.com. If they select to ignore you, let them deal with the high price of changing their asphalt or paying more for crack repair.

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