Face it, very few people have a well-toned body to appear on the cover of a fitness magazine. The shape of our body is determined primarily by genetics and secondly by our lifestyle.

Evaluate your current body shape before starting a weight gain program. By doing so, you’ll be able to set goals that meet your specific needs. Record your starting weight before beginning a weight gain plan.

Goal Setting: Write down your goals. You’re likely to stick with a program once you have set some specific and time-bound goals. Simply saying you want to gain a few pounds, won’t help but if you decide you want to gain five pounds in two weeks, then you have better chances of success. You need to set a deadline and make it happen. Your goals should be achievable, measureable and realistic. Check your weight weekly to determine if you are gaining weight at a healthy pace. Adjust your plan accordingly if required.

If you are skinny and are having a hard time putting weight on, you might want to consider implementing a weight gain diet.

DAILY MEAL PLAN: Are you still following a three meal per day schedule? Break down your meals so you are eating several mini meals per day.

Meal 1 (Breakfast): Never skip your breakfast. Having breakfast jump starts your metabolism and provides you with the energy you need to through-out the day. You can have milk, eggs, and spinach.

Meal 2: Should contain carbohydrates which are present in brown rice or sweet potato. You may take boiled vegetables along with it.

Meal 3: Nuts or avocado contains fats.

Meal 4: Eat variety of protein sources like yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese, turkey, beef, chicken, lamb, beans etc. Or you may take protein shake.

Meal 5: Vegetable fats (usually in the form of an oil on salad; flaxseed oil or olive oil)

A well balanced diet includes ample servings of fruits and vegetables. Supplement your diet with essential fatty acids by eating two servings of fish per week. Keep healthy snacks available at all times. You won’t eat junk food if you carry snacks to your work.

These are a few short term goals to gain weight for skinny women. However for a successful weight gain you should have a mindset to never give up until you get where they want. You may consider talking with a friend in times of discouragement.

Rewarding yourself gives you motivation and also adds fun to weight gain.

The only person you should be competing against is you. Keep it real with yourself. Last but not the least, human attention span is limited. You need to do something repetitively in the same way to make it a habit.

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