Venture Capital funding, is a method to regulate cutting-edge entrepreneurship. Venture Capital helps ventures, which may not fall within the norms of traditional financing. VC financing indicates the investment in high-risk projects ready to share in the project risk, with the expectation of adequate returns. 

Venture Capital savings in any real estate projects are normally at “Land Cost” stage. That means, a fund invests and team up with developers/land holders from inception to completion. A Venture Capital in India real estate fund lessens the risk profile of real estate as an asset class by presenting diversified investment assortments managed by veteran investment managers. Thus, it presents the profit of a defensive investment alternative.

Secura brings a unique business model to accomplish the acceptable return at each and every stage of a business cycle. This is attained through diverse thoughtful processes. Generally Secura Partners with apparent entrepreneurs to expand and enhance their property development real estate project assortment through funding the special purpose vehicles from the stage of purchase of land itself.

Secura India Real Estate Fund Domestic Scheme is being scheduled as a scheme of Secura India Real Estate Fund that is organized as a contributory trust and is settled in India under the provisions of the Indian Trust Fund Disbursal Act. Diverse alternatives are there for fund growth like owning capital, arranging debt finance, or seeking an private equity partner as in the case of venture capitals.

Real Estate Fund Scheme

Secura Investment Management (India) Pvt. Ltd. acts as an Investment Manager and runs the Secura India Real Estate Funding Scheme. Real Estate Funding Scheme has been planned as a scheme of the Secura India Real Estate Fund. It is an SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) registered close-ended venture capital in india fund with a focus on the Indian real estate and associated sectors. 

The Secura seeks to make savings in privately settled equity and equity linked investments in unlisted or listed companies in India or in India-connected prospects in other countries. Investments are subject to the prevailing regulations and laws in India. It is expected that the Fund will invest in sectors related to Real Estate Investment In India and allied activities. The funding and process of the Fund shall in addition be subject to such added limits and must be calculated by the Shariah Compliant Advisor to the Fund to make sure that the same are in agreement with the Shariah. 

In accordance with the latest studies and analyses, the Indian real estate economy is projected to grow rapidly and demand conditions are expected to remain strong. Secura makes investments after a careful study and analysis within the limits and guidelines of Shariah. Through these multilevel procedures Secura builds up a unique model of investment and business in Indian economy as well as in Shariah economy. Diverse projects are now funded by Secura under Real Estate Fund Scheme and Leasing of these spaces are going on. Invest today and get profited with the veteran in investment. For more information visit

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Bio: SECURA is a well recognized investment management company backed by Hi LITE group who conveys investment management services to venture capital funds, REIT’s, mutual funds, offshore funds, private equity funds and others in association with the apparent professionals in business. The highly gifted lineup of Investment Managers with expertise in real estate, legal, construction and development, corporate and finance, retail and others help us in accepting new face ups. We have an eye on Leasing of spaces, Project Management and Corporate Legal and Management Consultancy along with Investment and Professional Fund Management services. Secura is one of the Investment Management firms in India to build up a sole replica in the financing methodology that follows Shariah law and also in the Venture Capital Industry. For more information visit

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