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May 10, 2021

Seaside Coral fashion more

Over the past month or two I’ve slowly collected a half dozen or so of them and they’re unreal! The fit is perfect, the length is spot on, and the patterns/colors are swoon worthy. I need to photograph the rest of them just so you can see! Nothing beats finding a $100+ dress for well over half off. I swear my wardrobe consists mostly of TJ Maxx / Marshalls / Ross finds and I’m not complaining one bit. I knew I had to have this dress when I saw the colors. Ah! Doesn’t it just make you crave the beach and sandy feet?! Maybe that’s just me (and the fact I’m really hankerin’ for a getaway) but it’s the perfect Spring number. I wore this out and about yesterday while we shopped for plants and went to Toby’s baseball game. I am the happiest when my outfit is simple and requires little to no thought. Being comfortable in the sticky Tennessee humidity is not something to take lightly. At the beginning of the day I was using my Michael Kors bag that matches the color of my MIA wedges, but then I thought it’d be the perfect time to swap it out for my coral Mondrina bag. It’s smaller than I normally carry, but the color was the perfect statement piece for this blue overload.

Last night after Toby’s ballgame, Mike’s parents came over for dinner. My parents joined shortly after and we had a feast on the deck. Chicken, pasta salad, actual salad, homemade guacamole, grilled corn, etc etc etc. You would’ve thought we cooked for fifteen people! It was so delicious though! Mike is so so talented in so many areas – Luckily for me he makes up for all of the places I lack. The weather was perfect and the twinklelights on our deck just added to the atmosphere. It was nice to have both sets of our parents together to enjoy something. After we put Toby to bed we enjoyed a few episodes of Hart of Dixie (I’m going to be so sad once we run out of episodes! I’m 100% Team Wade – How about you?)

It’s supposed to be 81* today and I want to take advantage of it by laying out in the sun for the first time this season (I know, tanning is awful – but this girl could use some color!) I’m hoping the weather will allow for some pool time soon but I’m trying to not be too hasty. Instead, I’ll be in my office all day catching up on emails and design work. I feel lucky that I stay consistently busy/booked for design work, but that also means no time for personal projects lace shorts. I’m trying to cut out a small window of free time this month but that’ll be consumed by Porter Flea preparations. (Honeybean will be making her Spring debut on June 1st at Porter Flea’s “AirCraft” show in East Nashville! Just a heads up!) I’m not complaining though – these are good problems to have I need to get as much done as possible before my mom swings by after work to take me to a nursery for some more flowers and plants. I know I’ll be so consumed by planting and digging (and enjoying the sunshine!) that I won’t want to come inside.


Can I just say how awesome and amazing y’all are (re: this post)?! Seriously, your comments are so kind and considerate. It’s so nice knowing even the silliest of things can be shared among others. It also helps me feel a little less ridiculous for having those thoughts.

Now to throw a big fat cherry on top of that sundae: wearing a petticoat in a small town! Haha If a gold dress doesn’t do it, surely this will, right? Emma from Dollydagger sent over this amazing pin-up inspired dress all the way from the UK, and I couldn’t wait to get that baby on. I’ve already made my new found love for hot pink known, and this outfit is certainly no exception. I do wish I had some better shoes to pair it with though. I think the shoes and the long(er) cardigan definitely give it a casual vibe while then the petticoat is the exact opposite, but I could use some simple pumps, I think. I went back and forth over having the petticoat show underneath or not, but ultimately I decided I liked the fluffy texture it added to the outfit. I’ve been trying to figure out what else I have in my wardrobe that might look good with this dress but I’m coming up short. Here’s the dress itself

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