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We have! Which is why we’ve created SciChart – a High Performance WPF chart control capable of many millions of data-points. SciChart supports Mountain (Area), Column, Line, Impulse, Band and Scatter plots out of the box, on a 2D chart-surface with unlimited left or right Y-Axes and a DateTime or Numeric X-Axis. Both X & Y axis support logarithmic or linear coordinates, with configurable engineering and scientific notation for axis labels. Whats more our WPF Chart supports MVVM, data-binding and XAML templating and styling!

We have built SciChart by working alongside science & engineering professionals to bring you a truly high-performance, interactive experience for your applications. You’ll find our WPF Chart’s interactivity a joy to use, with optional support of XY cursor, pan on mouse-drag, Axis drag to zoom, mouse-wheel zoom and rubber-band (drag) zoom. Quickly pan around the chart to find an area of interest, scroll horizontally using the Overview control, inspect data-points with cursors or the Rollover, apply legends & tooltips and more!

In a real-time context SciChart really shines. With proprietary Nyquist resampling algorithms and hybrid raster (bitmap) and vector rendering we’ve tested SciChart’s line charts in real-time systems with up to 10,000,000 data-points (and still going!), with up to 100,000 new data-points appended per second. If that’s not enough, we have demanding users who want to show multiple charts simultaneously, charts spanning multiple monitors (tested up to 3800?1200 pixels), or charts with hundreds of series. Such performance in a WPF chart control will give you the peace of mind that you can deliver scientific systems that delight your users.

SciChart’s real selling point is FPS. Other packages advertise they can deal with lots of data, but only SciChart does it at *FPS*

David Luxford, Accurate Technologies

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SciChart supports UIElement Annotations. We understand many users want to overlay text, line or point-marker annotations either programmatically, or user-defined via the mouse. SciChart for WPF & Silverlight supports Text, Line, LineArrow, Box, HorizontalLine, VerticalLine and Custom annotations with automatic placement out of the box, while also providing a basic API to overlay UIElements at specified coordinates, which you must update yourself.

What’s more, you can extend your WPF Chart applications by adding your own custom interactivity modifiers, since SciChart exposes a full mouse, coordinate & zooming API.

Users of SciChart have great things to say about us. We’re a small company, but we’ve come a long way. With your help and input we’re ready to create the next generation of high performance charting for WPF, Silverlight and Windows Phone 8 / WinRT. If you have a question, a support request or feature suggestion, please get in touch and we will more than be happy to help!

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