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May 10, 2021


If not then not to threat, very soon Rokii will be launching there online store for the country to shop til’ they drop 🙂 Recently I have been talking to the shop owner as she has started up a lookbook for herself (will link below) she is a very quirky, excitable and friendly lady with a wicked sense of style full of colours and prints! I have arranged to go in weekly to help out with the shop window displays, creating themes and dressing the mannequins, so i thought i would share with you my first one i did on Wednesday! Hope you like what i did, the theme i chose was ‘English Weather’ and how even though its grey and horrible you can bring the sunshine into your clothing with bright colours and prints 🙂 Links to Rokii facebook and her lookbook are below, please go and support her as she deserves it! hello everyone!! I wore this look last night as i went out to the pub with a couple of friends. I brought this playsuit in the River Island sale yesterday for 20 pounds! such a bargain and was the last one in my size so was meant to be. there isn’t much to say really about this look apart from My cardie and shows are both vintage and I haven’t worn them in ages. I love getting old things out from my wardrobe and bringing them to life again! Hope you like it. xx p.s Look out for another post tonight from me, I have been helping out in a clothing shop and today I re-styled the shop window and have some brilliant photos to show you all! keep an eye out 🙂 So excited to show you this tutorial video i have made you all, as it was payday yesterday i went out and brought a couple of white tops and some dye to make my own tie dye t-shirts, really hope you find it useful cardigans for women! Link me your posts if you blog about the ones you make :)Hey! sorry I haven’t posted any look posts for a few days, been preoccupied with other things. It is good to take my mind off things though to post today, i’m just going to link you guys the past 3 looks i had on lookbook that i haven’t blogged about!!Another photoshoot post today this time all the styling, photography work and editing has been done by me. I got bored today and decided to do a fantasy type shoot. I was really inspired by an image on tumblr and also for a while now have loved Marina and the diamonds little heart she wears under her eye! I think it is so adorable and different and used the idea myself to create dream like images.Quick post introducing you to Tommy Braxton, a few months ago I did a photoshoot for him under the theme of Delirium. It was a really fun experience and a great opportunity, meaning i also got to have some awesome photos as a result and thought I would share them with you all. Tommy is a really talented photographer with such a beautiful vision, whether is be landscapes or people he really captures and creates a mood to the viewer and it is a joy to see. hope you like the photos, they are quite sinister but oh so cool! Check out his website with more of his amazing work 🙂

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