Indications of the infection:

Ringworms are not actually worms; this disease got its name because of the shape of the infection. The infection spreads in ring shape. It would appear as a red colored region in ring shape. The infection could be caused by so many reasons. But a strong hygienic care should be given when someone is infected, since it could spread to other animals or other human beings who are related with them. This mainly spreads from animals to humans. The important cause of this infection to human beings could be the pet animals.

There might sometimes be no indications for this infection. But generally this would make the skin red. There might be some abrasion on the skin. The skin might be with flakes. Mostly these fungi feed on the dead cells of the skin. These may occur on the skin, scalp and nails. Humans might get infected with this mostly in the areas of groin, neck and feet. This fungus feeds on the dead skin. The moist skin with warmth provides a conductive atmosphere for these worms to grow. The most infected part would form lesions and would be red in color in a ring shape. The ring shaped infection when develops, the circumference of the ring keeps on expanding. And there may be three or more rings.

Taking care: – Since this is a contagious disease, extra care should be taken. One must make sure that no one else in the family or friends get this. Some hygienic precautions should be taken to prevent this spreading. Even this infection could spread on the same person from one part of the body to other. So, maintaining hygiene is incredibly important. The cloths and the beddings of the infected person should be washed with lukewarm water. The infected area should be cleaned with lukewarm water. It is good to avoid sharing the bed with the infected person. Even though this is a mild infection and not a serious one like that of other skin infections, taking precautions is good.

Treating the infection: – Some tropical creams like Ketoconazole, Clotrimazole, Miconazole could be used to treat the fungus. Apart from using these it is good to visit a doctor for medical advice. It is good to treat this as early as possible to avoid making it severe. The more the infection is severe the more time it would take to heal.

Overall, maintaining a diligent hygiene would prevent any skin disease to spread. Maintaining a good hygienic body would help in avoiding to get into contact with the skin disease. The early the medication early would be the cure.

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