(1888 PressRelease) Citizens decry the “pot store” system and absence of adult permission; Cite state dispensaries as much better option to assist the ill and safeguard kids.


Naples-Marco Island, FL  – Families versus Florida’s suggested constitutional change on cannabis prepare to show at the corner of Golden Gate Pkwy and Goodlette Rd. in Naples, Florida on Thursday, September 4th at 4pm.


The rally is being sponsored by VoteNoOn2-Collier, a grassroots company formed to inform voters about how the loopholes in Amendment 2 will certainly result in complete legalization and unregulated pot stores throughout Florida, as seen in other states.


“If Amendment 2 passes, voters will certainly have purchasers’ regret. It is not about assisting the ill; it has to do with cash, huge company and doping our children,” stated Veora Little, VoteNoOn2-Collier Chair. “If Amendment 2 passes, Florida will certainly have the most liberal clinical pot law in the nation. And the worst part is it will certainly be a long-term modification to our state constitution. That is why we are requiring to the streets with our message.”


“There is no requirement for Amendment 2 as clinical cannabis through state dispensaries was just recently authorized by the legislature and guv,” kept in mind Little, who is a retired signed up nurse anesthetist, “And cannabis extracts like Marinol, utilized to promote hunger and control queasiness in cancer and HIV clients, are currently offered in Florida’s drug stores.”


“Unlike the state dispensaries which are controlled and restricted in number, Amendment 2 produces an unmanageable variety of pot dealerships who can start a business anywhere, even near schools,” states Little. “That is a far cry from exactly what the voters believe they are getting.”


“People are under the impression the cannabis t will certainly simply be for the extremely ill which it goes with the drug store system. However there is no prescribed needed, just a suggestionThere is no prescribed needed, just a suggestion. There is no age limitation; children can acquire pot. The words ‘other conditions’ mean pot for any factor, as we have actually seen in other states.” A suggestion, kept in mind Little, entitles an individual to an unlimited supply of cannabis and enables pot dealerships to offer “edibles,” such as pot-infused sweet, which have actually poisoned kids in other states.


“So far, the voters have actually just heard one side of this argument as we are outgunned by the huge cannabis lobbyists who have actually struck voters with a tsunami of false information. So we need to go straight to individuals with this rally,” stated We have to go straight to the individuals with this rally,” stated Little.


“The pot market is controling individuals’s empathy to deceive them into complete legalization,” stated Little, “We have empathy for the suffering and desire all medications offered to them, however we need to do it in a manner that likewise has empathy for our kids and protects the family-friendly environment of our Florida neighborhoods.”


Contact: Veora Little, 239-450-2883; veoralittle (@) gmail dot com