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Do you want something peculiar? “Adventures At Sea” is a total cool style you can enjoy any special event in one’s life/lives. It exudes a whole new series of celebratory way for you and your spouse to enjoy as well as have a memorable and fun-filled day that can endlessly be etched in your mind. You will be recommended to a classic line of cruiser that are uniquely created to transform your moment into a real life encounter! The cruisers come in all patterns and colour. Calmly allow your view to look and set on one that would catch your concentration: from the boats that we offer: From the basic classic yachts to luxurious three-storey cruisers. Simply let them know your view and they will do their best to help you in offering the most wanted, memorable and intimate space for you.

One very well-known and high in demand package that they are thought for would be their marriage deals. Are you not tired of the ordinary wedding ceremonial that take place indoors or in a church? With “Adventures At Sea”, you can be sure that weddings will now be taken to a whole new level that will confirm be beyond your wildest thinking. Imagine exchanging your marriage pledgeunder a blanket of stars surrounded by the vast blue sea. Or soaking in a first few moments as a wedding couple while the sun hides into the ocean and says farewell. What a memorable experience!

“Adventures At Sea” has been part of bringing out the most unique weddings as well as those unique a-ha moments for more than 28 years already. Just simply buzz any of our trained wedding organizers and they will be more than happy to do up your very dream wedding and make you the most blessed couple.

Other offers such as anniversaries, birthday barbecue, graduation ceremonies, family gatherings are also available with them. Do not fret, just be sure to select “Adventures At Sea” and from the very moment you and your friends step into one of their extravagant sailboats, you know you’re absolutely in for something that is totally exciting! Whether you’re drinking a glass of champagne on veranda style platform or star gazing on one of their open-view sundecks, their yachts create the most classic arrangement for any occasion.

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