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Reef Hidden Pocket Stash Thong – The Sandals With a Secret

If you are like me you like to go to the beach or even lake on warm summer days. I can’t seem to take in sufficient of the sun as well as water as well as I usually like to look my best even if I’m swimming and sunning. This is exactly why I can’t ever depart the house without my Reef hidden pocket stash thong sandals. I really adore these shoes and in addition they maintain a small secret. Want to understand what it is?

The secret of these types of shoes is that they have a hidden compartment in the heel for a person to conceal your goodies in. This area is actually big enough to hold an identification or credit card and some crisis cash. I used to detest to possess to pull my bag together with me personally to the beach, as well as I experienced to watch this like a hawk so it would not get taken. Since I began purchasing Reef Stash sandals, I simply put exactly what I absolutely need in the secret compartment in my shoe. Functions like a charm.

The shoes which I am mentioning to here’s actually called the hidden pocket stash thongs. They’re not only useful at the beach, however we like to wear them to outdoor concerts, festivals and other summer activities exactly where we don’t would like to possess to carry our handbags about around all day.

These sandals will also be high on my comfort list. You can stroll all day in these types of shoes simply because the soft jersey lining and the anatomical padded foot bed makes your own feet feel good just about all day.

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