Are you interested in sparring gear? Are you looking for a sparring gear or a fighter gear? Do you want to buy boxing gloves Canada? TOP TEN CANADA can solve all your problems. Here are some of the sparring gear and fighter gear that you can buy from us. We have TP Swiss ball 65 cm, TOP TEN Medicine Ball 7 , KETTLEBELL 8 KG, KETTLEBELL 4 KG, KET, TLEBELL 12 KG, ATF LEATHER MEDICINE BALL 5 KG, ATF LEATHER MEDICINE BALL 4 KG and you can also try the ATF LEATHER MEDICINE BALL 3 KG. These gears have already proven its toughness. These gears are usually used by fighters who are determined to fight. We have designed our gears in such a way that it can go with the flow of your battle. We are sure that it can stand the toughness of your battle. We are very much confident that these gears will not bring you down because we know how it is designed. If ever you are looking for several colors of this gears, you can check the website of TOP TEN CANADA if ever you want to know more about what we can offer you.

We are also selling TOP TEN MMA Dummy, Table Gong and Complete Set TOP TEN Punch Boy Dummy. Your safety is our priority that is why we also have safety gear that can go along with your sparring gear and fighter gear. You can buy TOP TEN MMA Belly Protector, Body (Artificial Leather), KO MAIN EVENT Chest Protector, Chest Guard HAYASHI WKF approved, TOP TEN MMA Elbow guard, TOP TEN Women’s No Foul Protector, Female Tuck Under HAYASI (WKF approved) and Evo Shield Custom Moulding Protective Wrist Guards. If ever you want to know more about these gears, you could check out the website of TOP TEN CANADA. You will get to know the different colors that we offer and the different promos that we have prepared for you. These gears are designed in such a way that it will keep you away from harm so do not be scared to buy our gears. The sparring gear that we have were tested and tried already in the battlefield. We are proud to say that it was kept with the fighter until the last second of the battle. It is just a testament that we sell gears which are strong.

If you are looking for boxing gloves Canada then you are in the right page. We have several boxing gloves that you can choose from. We have different styles, sizes and colors that you can pick from. We have TOP TEN Weighted Gloves 2 lbs, TOP TEN Weighted Bag Gloves and TOP TEN Warrior Gloves for teens, TOP TEN Warrior Gloves for teens that come in blue and red. You can also try our TOP TEN Ultimate Women Sparring Gloves which have different designs and colors. TOP TEN CANADA can answer your questions, just visit their site.

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