HDB has not long started two fresh BTO missions in Dawson. They are none other than Skyville and SkyTerrace. Both of which offers a number of 1,718 houses. The reports for its orientations have been
getting overwhelming feedback. As an action to this passion captured by the public, the assignment is at present under construction and is expected to be finished in the second half of 2015.

Skyville Dawson is a 47-storey design with special features such as sky bridges, building facade treatment and architectural design. This building is nothing alike the other usual flats that you commonly look around the driveway of Singapore, they are
nicely and creatively planned by WOHA, which is a Singapore-situated planning building that specialises in interior designs where they have been endlessly thinking out with incredible designs.

While WOHA considered at the various paths of supplying a/an sense of unity, SCDA attempted its best to tackle the obstacle of multigenerational living. This represents, in order to accommodate to the regularly growing amount of grandparents in Singapore, SCDA has planned studio flats that attach to wider duplexes for SkyTerrace@Dawson. This enables aging fathers to be able to live side by side to their kids while keeping their individualism. SkyTerrace @ Dawnson includes of five towers in number that ranges from 40 to 43 floors. These few buildings are confirm going to be the milestones of Dawson and it will shine out from afar.

Next, the SkyTerrace @ Dawnson is conveniently found along Margaret Drive and Dawson Road where both the occupants at Skyville and Skyterrace will be well assisted by Queenstown MRT station, bus services and road network. There are a number of amenities and recreational amenities like near library, swimming complex and sports stadium that is just a stone throw’s away. Similarly, it was mentioned that in 2010, HDB promoted 5 land parcels for DBSS development over SIngapore. Those 5 land parcels all yielded about 3,000 DBSS houses and this pipeline supply came on-stream advancing in 2011.

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