Providing A Good Bartending Service Requires Training

Posted on July 5, 2012

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The bar you love is probably where you unwind after a stressful day at work. Your friendly bartender, with the amazing bartending service he provides, helps you throw off all your cares and worries. A lot of this ability comes from the bartender’s skill, not just at mixing a superb cocktail but also at listening to what you have to say. A poor bartender will only add to your stress, not ease it. Bartending is a lot like being an artist; it takes a lot of skill to be any good.

Reputed bars and pubs the world over attribute much of their success to the quality and unique brand of their bartending services. Primarily, good bartending is the outcome of a sound training program, which was designed to impart knowledge in the mixing and serving of drinks. However, the range of drinks any particular bar offers will depend on the skill and experience of the barman or female bartender.

This service is offered by numerous catering establishments and also for special occasions – hotels, restaurants, bars, pubs, banquets, clubs, private parties or wedding receptions and even by many reputed airlines. Drinks mixed by bartenders range from those based on internationally recognized, mixed drink recipes and names, to the ones created exclusively by a resident bartender.

In many cases, the bartender must be skilled enough to create a drink based on the specific requests of patrons. There are special bartending training programs offered by several bartending schools or institutions and even by some reputed hotels around the world. Tending bar is a specialized profession and skilled bartenders are much sought after.

One of the main parts of a good bartending service is how well the bartender treats the customer. He or she should be sociable and friendly with each patron sitting at the bar. The bartender is the physical example of the relationship between the customer and the establishment.

In other words, the bartender is the public relations officer for his or her place of work. The barkeep has many other tasks as well, some of which include: knowing the alcohol in stock, knowing how to make all the drinks offered, keeping the bar supplied, and keeping track of the money spent at the bar. Knowledge of how to run the bar equipment is also a must.

The most important thing for a bartender to remember is to keep things clean. A professionally conducted bartending service is one of the greatest assets an establishment can have. When you next visit a bar or club, and while you’re there enjoying yourself and having a few drinks, give the bartender a nod, because it’s his skill and art that enables you to have a good time. – Expert bartending tips from Jason Griffin, inventor of the Quick Strain Tin. Jason is an award winning, bartending professional …

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