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Whether it is a small or big business a situation arises when you require the help of an experienced lawyer to solve some of the legal costs issues. Whether you are unsatisfied with your solicitor’s claim of costs or served with a Bill of costs, only a legal consultant can help you solve these issues and provide you with the correct documents and solutions. In Albury, the legal costing company that has earned a high repute for their high standard services is Pattison Hardman. The Pattison Hardman Legal Costs Consultants are known to provide a winning edge in all proceedings and costs negotiations.

Pattison Hardman has been known as a recognized leader in quality legal costing since 1988. This experience and knowledge in the matters of legal costs is unmatched and beyond any comparison. He provides the best quality in the provision of legal cost services to his clients. The legal costs consultants devote ample time and resources to each matter through quality control process for high standard services.

The legal services offered by Pattison Hardman and the Legal Costing Company include Bill of Costs, Party Costs, Indemnity Basis, Solicitor/Client Costs, Objections, Concessions, Appearance for Taxation, Security for Costs, Cost Conciliation and much more. High level of privacy and confidentiality is maintained in all services.  In each costing job records are created and maintained for each stage noting your instructions and relevant developments as the legal consultants work with your files.  All documents are independently checked by the senior costs assessor before it leaves your organization to ensure that that there is no loop hole or error.

Their bills of costs are drawn from the file notes, letters, and documents, cross referenced with any time costing. They justify individual items with sufficient detail to facilitate settlement and preclude unnecessary objections and reviews. They can prepare the formal Notice of Objection to improve the financial position for your client or for your office in a solicitor/client matter through the knowledge of the rules by identifying excessive charging. They are capable of answering all the queries related to legal costs. They also prepare affidavits for security for costs applications

The legal consultants of the firm act for Government Departments, Insurance Companies and firms of all sizes and locations throughout the state of New South Wales and into Victoria for some selected clients. Their seminar team can even provide training sessions for the staff of your company to demonstrate ways to improve the billing performance through better understanding and implementation of the rules and requirements.

Hence Pattison Hardman and the Legal Costing Company can assists you in all types of legal cost issues and help you achieve the desired result. So feel free to contact them. For more information on their services, please visit http://www.pattisonhardman.com.au.