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Pet overpopulation is a major problem across the United states. Every day a staggering number of cats, dogs, as well as other types of animals encounter euthanasia simply because animal shelters cannot house them when they become displaced from their houses. Millions of senseless deaths could be circumvented simply by pet owners becoming responsible to have their pets spayed or neutered.
More than the previous 40 years great attempts have been introduced to educate the public on the significance of spay and neutering. Even so, more than 30% of pet owners select not to do so. “Many choose to breed their pets for profit or allegedly a fun experience” (The Pet Post). Other people do not spay or neuter their pets because they believe their pet isn’t at danger to get expecting. If this were true, a lot of baby animals would not be turned more than to an animal shelter simply because pet owners cannot care or find houses for them.
It’s correct that pet overpopulation is not only the immediate outcome of animals not obtaining spayed or neutered. Irresponsible pet breeding adds to pet overpopulation. Every animal, dogs for example, sold by an irresponsible breeder (puppy mill) is preventing a displaced pet in an animal shelter from being adopted. When an animal shelter cannot house the many displaced pets, numerous will be forced to euthanize animals for a various reasons. Many good animals that would make great pets will shed their lives for no other reason than human fault.
How can you help to decrease pet overpopulation?
1. Spay or neuter your pet. Dogs and cats can be spayed as early as eight-weeks of age.
2. Visit your neighborhood animal shelter or locate a specific breed animal rescue team and adopt your next companion. Feel great about saving a life.
3. Learn what it takes to be a responsible pet owner. You have to be prepared to make a lifetime dedication to your pet. Your pet will give a lot of unconditional adore, but you are responsible to care for your pet
4. Discuss pet overpopulation together with your family and friends. Often, this discussion could save many more pet lives. Do not neglect to communicate how the easy procedure of spaying or neutering a pet can save numerous lives.
Please be responsible and help decrease pet overpopulation. Undertake. Spay or neuter. A life is counting on you. Read pet news at www.thepetpost.com
The Pet Post

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