Acne, whiteheads, bumps, red spots, zits – whatever one calls them –pimples are pimples. Generally speaking, a pimple is not a wanted commodity, and even less so when one or two crop up on the penis. Penis pimples are even more painful and more embarrassing than the variety that appear on the face, and they are something no man wants to find down there. Find out what to do – and not do – if a bout of penis acne shows up in that most undesirable of places and how to prevent them in the future through proper penis care.
A guy can get pimples….down there?
Yes, next question. But seriously, a pimple can show up on a dude’s penis, and it is about as appealing and attractive as it sounds. A penis pimple might look the same as those on the face, but they do tend to be more painful, simply because the area is so much more sensitive.
What causes them?
The same basic things that cause pimples on the face lead them to show up on other areas of the body. Sweat, dirt, grime, and plugged pores all lead to those little white or red bumps. Sadly, these conditions are quite often found in a man’s undercarriage! And given that it is a hot, moist area that tends to not get a lot of air circulation, the area is full of bacteria, which can cause these nasty little bumps to show up. Ingrown hairs – especially those caused by shaving – are also prone to become infected, white bumps that form around the hair follicle; these can create a substantial and painful lump. In fact, the bumps can become so inflamed that some men actually mistake them for a sexually transmitted infection!
How does a guy get rid of them?
Step 1. First of all, never – NEVER – squeeze, pop, poke or pick at a penis pimple. Doing so only pushes bacteria further into the infected area and increases healing time.
Step 2. A man’s best course of action is to simply wash the affected area with gentle soap and water on a daily basis.
Step 3. Hot compresses can also be administered to help open up the pores.
Step 4. A man should never apply acne medication to his penis pimples. The medication used on the face often contains peroxide or salicylic acid, which are both too harsh for the gentle skin of the penis and would really sting if it got into the urethral opening on accident.
Can they be prevented?
Men hoping to avoid the problem altogether would be wise to step up their hygiene routine. Men who are particularly sweaty or prone to penis acne may need to shower more than once a day – or at least wash the area with a soap and washcloth if a second shower is out of the question. Any time a man works out, he needs to change out of his sweaty underclothes immediately after the workout, as sitting in sweaty athletic gear only breeds bacteria — which contributes to penis acne. In such cases, it is also best to at least rinse off after a workout, even if there isn’t time for a full shower. Additionally, being careful with the razor – if it goes down there – can reduce the razor bumps that can form into acne-like bumps as well. Finally, using a penis health formula (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) on a daily basis can also help to heal and prevent unfortunate penis pimples. Selecting a penis cream that contains vitamin A is especially important as it has antibacterial properties that are known to fight bacteria and infection. Vitamin A can speed healing and protect the penis from pimples, lumps, bumps and ingrown hairs – so use daily and apply liberally!

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