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A hotel’s standards are measured by the services it gives, the level of hygiene and cleanliness it maintains and how popular it is. Also, who is the hotels’ target audience and how good is the staff at the hospitality. The gradation is of course not based on ‘only’ these reasons and there are many other points that have to be taken into consideration. But these are a few significant ones that form quite a deal of opinion about the names in this particular industry. Bangkok being a tourist destination has many overwhelming places to stay at. Starting from luxury hotels to mid-level accommodations this city offers comfort to all types of tourists.

Some of us are very particular about staying at a place of our likings. There are people who would never compromise on the comfort because it comes naturally to them. They believe and follow in the ideology of, ‘If we are paying well then they ought to serve us well’. Pathumwan Princess Hotel, Bangkok just delivers on that philosophy. The hospitality is just so amazing that one cannot stop oneself from praising the staff their and that too at every stage. Right from the moment you arrive here to the moment you leave, the staff does nothing but pamper you. And this is what we seek- comfort and warmth when we are out of our comfort zone, that is, our home.

The Pathumwan Princess Hotel has had customers staying with them on regular basis. People who tend to visit Bangkok for business or vacation always by instincts book this hotel. Their experience in the past gives them the boost to do so. The first timers remain awestruck by the magnificent interiors of the hotel at their first look and their amazement continues with every service they get from the staff of the hotel. These people will leave you flattered and that is the magnetic attraction of this wondrous place.

A business venture of MBK PLC Group’s MBK Hotel & Tourism Co., Ltd, Pathumwan Princess Hotel is the perfect place for you and your family. The MBK PLC Group is not a novice in the industry but has experience of more than 30 years. They have a complete know how about this business and are indeed doing well.

You can gauge their popularity and level of service by the awards that they have received so far. The Pathumwan Princess Hotel has been honored with Bangkok’s Best Restaurant Awards 2013, World Luxury Hotel Awards (for two years, 2012 and 2013), Holiday Check 2013, Trip Advisor 2013, Thailand’s Best Korean Restaurant 2013, Thailand Tourism Standard 2012-14, Hospitability Asia Platinum Awards 2011 and 2013 and Smoke Free Hotel 2012 and 2013.

To stay at the Pathumwan Princess Hotel you can contact them on their website. Click here on the link http://www.pprincess.com