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Yes, testimonials can have a positive effect on conversion rates, but the mere presence of them is no guarantee because they must be properly presented and used the right way. Maybe a lot of online marketers think all their conversion problems will go away once they get a few testimonials, and that is not necessarily the case at all. But no doubt, this is an extra area of attention that you cannot ignore. There is no use letting the lack of social proof up-end your sales process.

6 Figure Tool Kit If you have never performed a real case study, then this can be an excellent alternative to a testimonial. If you do not have any testimonials at all, then we suggest you seriously take a look at this if you can perform one in your market or niche. There are many types of case studies, and this one could even be one that involves your customers. When you think about it, all you are doing is receiving very in-depth feedback about your product/service, and be sure to tell people to write everything. Remember that if this approach is good enough for the largest companies on the planet, then it really should be adequate for you, too. So if you have a product or a service that is known to help your customers in a big way, then have a talk with them and see if you could get a few good case studies going. 6 Figure Tool Kit As you know, it is not encouraged to directly and openly request testimonials from customers. Think about placing calls to action on your site to send you comments, opinions and feedback of any kind. Some businesses make a small mention about feedback on their Contact page, but it should be more than just a brief mention. Just be professional about how you word it and format the copy, but you have to use that approach anywhere on your site.

6 Figure Tool Kit If you deal with business products, then consider the approach of being willing to offer deserved testimonials for your business customers. This way the other people will feel ‘indebted’ to you and will look forward to reciprocating in the coming future. Most online businesses will be all right with showing the link to your site on the testimonials you write and submit. There’s a lot that you can achieve by simply using tactics like these where you give away something to get the same in return. Testimonials are an interesting area within online marketing, and you have to be smart about how you approach them.