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1888 Press Release – Nualgi Aquarium Launches Today in the U.S., Offering Free Trial to New Users.

San Diego, CA – Today, Nualgi announced the U.S. launch of its product Nualgi Aquarium, a new product to help fresh and saltwater aquarium owners improve the natural balance of their tanks and enhance the health of their fish, plants and coral. Nualgi Aquarium restores missing nutrients and promotes diatom growth, improving water quality and naturally controlling nuisance algae without the use of harsh chemicals.

In addition, Nualgi launched its new site, http://nualgiaquarium.com featuring a forum where aquarium owners can ask questions that will be answered by experts each week. New users will also have the opportunity to request a free trial of Nualgi Aquarium.

Based on nine years of laboratory research for applications in commercial and municipal water management, Nualgi Aquarium is the fourth generation of Nualgi’ s patented nano-silica-based micronutrient that has been reformulated specifically to help aquarium owners improve water quality and manage out-of-control algae on a much smaller scale.

Aquarium owners can add Nualgi Aquarium to their tanks knowing that its formula uses only naturally occurring minerals and nutrients. Nualgi has also had great success in more than 400 trials in salt and fresh water aquariums (http://nualgiaquarium.com/results) and has been proven to increase fish activity and initiate new coral and polyp growth, as well as significantly decreasing the amount of nuisance algae. All these benefits allow aquarium owners to spend less of their time and money maintaining their tank and more time enjoying it.

“Nualgi Aquarium is designed to ‘wake up’ your tank with its revolutionary formula of micronutrients that will create a healthier environment for your fish and plants,” said Sunil Nanda, director, Nualgi Aquarium. “Our users are so excited when they see the changes Nualgi Aquarium creates in a very short period of time. We offer a free trial to new users so they, too, can experience the dramatic and positive improvements to their tanks.”

Availability and pricing
Nualgi Aquarium is available in bottles of 50 ml ($18) and 100 ml ($30). Free domestic shipping is included. It’s now available for purchase at http://nualgiaquarium.com.

About Nualgi
Nualgi America, Inc., is the sole licensed distributor of Nualgi Nanobiotech ™ consumer products in North America and the maker of Nualgi Aquarium, a special formula of Nualgi micronutrients engineered specifically to help fresh and saltwater aquarium owners improve the natural balance and health of their fish, plants and coral.

Learn more about the company at http://nualgiaquarium.com/, “Like” us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/nualgiaquarium and follow us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/nualgiaquarium.