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Novelist, Scholar K.L. Bone Infuses Her New Four-Book Young Adult Fantasy Series with Imaginative Realism, Conflict and Action

1888 Press Release – Combining her innovative writing experience and advanced graduate education in literature, K.L. Bone shows to have the distinct abilities for her extremely creative and convincing four-book young person fantasy series, starting with the very first book, Rise of the Temple Gods: Heir to Kale. The 2nd book in the series, Heir to Koloso, is arranged for a fall 2014 release.

Dublin, Ireland – This very first book presents readers to the land of Kale where individuals are fans of among 13 Temples. To preserve the fragile balance of power in the kingdom, competitions of battle are held, from which 60 champs are decided to end up being Defendants, or a joint group to safeguard Kale from its opponents. 2 of the Defendants, one an enthusiast of the Temple of Kale and the other the Temple of Koloso, ended up being moms and dads of twin children, Princesses Mariana and Ameria. At 5, Mariana is required to the Temple of Kale and Ameria to the Temple of Koloso to discover the arts of weaponry and hand-to-hand battle.

Upon their 17th birthday, the siblings discover they are the main figures in an olden prediction that will certainly require them to eliminate to identify which will certainly be the next Queen of Kale. Effective members of the kingdom have their own programs and covertly start murders, equipped attacks and other disruptive occasions to affect which girl will certainly win.

Ms. Bone selected an academic course that has actually completely prepared her to bring a brand-new level of imaginary quality to her grownup sci-fi and young person fantasy books. After making a bachelor’s degree in English, she went to the University of Hertfordshire in England since of its unique courses in vampire literature where she got a MA in Modern Literary Cultures based upon her thesis about the works of Anne Rice. She is currently registered in Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, where she is working to finish her PhD, composing her argumentation on kids in modern vampire fiction.

“I found throughout my undergrad courses in innovative writing that speculative fiction was ruled out a major category, although it is exactly what interests me the most and the one category where I feel I can be most innovative,” stated Bone. “I, for that reason, changed my researches to literature, where I was totally free to study this category of fiction, resulting in my master’s thesis on Anne Rice.”

“With my substantial scholastic research of literature, I am positive that I have a clear understanding of the aspects that make speculative fiction so popular and, with my thoroughly established innovative writing abilities, I want to have the ability to bring a depth of plot and character that is typically missing out on from this category.”

As her credibility as a professional in speculative literature remains to grow, Ms. Bone has actually ended up being a sought-after speaker and individual at numerous literary conferences and occasions. Her present schedule consists of:

•    & bull; The Great Writers Conference in London, June 28-29, 2014, where she discussed the value of carrying out study in the fiction composing procedure and reading from among her books.
•    & bull; Researcher’s Night at Trinity College throughout September, where she will certainly check out excerpts from among her books.
•    & bull; The Undead Conference in New Orleans at Halloween, which is an occasion throughout the Anne Rice/Vampire Lestat Ball. Ms. Bone will certainly share her understandings as an author on a panel.

K.L. Bone’s very first released work, The Indoctrination, a science-fiction book for a mature audience, in addition to the very first and subsequent books in the Kale series are offered on Amazon.

For more details about K.L. Bone and to interact with her, kindly go to her Website at http://www.klbone.com/About K.L. Bone K.L. Bone composed her very first narrative at 15, an experience that stimulated her interest in an innovative writing profession and an education in literature. A graduate of the University of Hertfordshire in England with a MA in Modern Literary Cultures, she anticipates to finish her PhD at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland throughout 2017. www.YourBookMarketers.com has actually been engaged to deal with the advertising, promotion and promo of K.L. Bone and her books.

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