Popularly known as “The land below the wind” and a delight for those who are looking for tranquility and serenity, Sabah is a blessing in disguise. Because of its closeness to the typhoon region of Philippines it has been given this name. This state and its timeless beauty have always charmed visitors. It is adding in the list of avid travelers and people who are in search of peace because of its natural tropical magnificence and its deep roots of history and art. People are studying and trying to understand more about this place and its history.

Those who have an urge to explore new places and understand the beauty of nature, for them Sabah is the best place to visit. When you are at Sabah one thing you can make sure of is, that you’ll never be out of places to eat or shop. Sabah is famous for its markets and places with plenty of good restaurants to eat at. The Gaya Street’s Sunday market is a treat for shopaholics, you can find all the traditional wooden items, antiques, footwear etc. and a lot more stuff which you can take as souvenirs. Apart from that there are places like Kipandi Butterfly Park and aquarium and marine museum where wildlife and aquatic life of Sabah can be closely experienced.

Sabah is also a delight for the adventure seekers; people for whom travelling is all about jumping off a cliff, experiencing the scary heights or hustling with the water. It has escapades like mount climbing, rafting etc. where you will feel every beat of your heart thumping in your chest. Such is the ecstasy of a place like Sabah, where you will dwell in the spirits of adventure, feel the beauty of nature, sip in sunshine and feel livelier with every passing day. People usually plan such trips to beat the mundane and monotony of this hectic lifestyle and for that purpose Sabah is like a refreshing drink after a long tiring day which lights up your mood.

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