Most humans think that the job of a security and an attendant is similar and many often mix the duty responsibilities of both occupation post.

The job of a security guard is to protect men and secure assets. In other words, the safety of all and people is in the hands of the cover guard. For example, having guardian guards in housing as well as work buildings is to defend the protection of the public that are in the places. Guardian guards have to be vigilant and afford much focus to the travellors who come in and out of the building. In an occasion of any unexpected happenings, the guardiansecurity guards are the ones that have to take duty and answer for their actions. A security guard must be fit and has the expertise to fight with gangsters or any bad guys.

On the other hand, the duty of a social escort is the almost opposite of a protecting guard role. A social escort is not needed to protect the well-being of others. The main responsibility of an escort is for other scenario. This may comprise of security matter or as a mark of superiority. In short, assuring the safety of another is secondary. To put in other terms, an escort service is where you pay either a man or a girl to be your friend. This service can be offered to people in an hourly rate or perhaps, over a short span of time depending on the consumer. The buddy can then be with the customer for any purposes that she may come to terms with.

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