The early stages of any business website is the first roughly 4 to 6 months, and this is a make or break point for most people. You’ll need to have some money to spare, ideally, so you can get the infrastructure of your business established. So be patient and carefully decide what you want to do if you don’t already have, let’s say, an offline business. And so if you want, and it’s recommended, check out because this is what many people do. Don’t expect to get rich there because you won’t, but you can certainly earn money there and build on that.

It might sound really silly, but you really should check out Craigslist, and it has an entire section for gigs. You will have to go about this differently just due to the nature of the jobs. And this is similar to any other type of site in which you will need to do high quality work. Consider that you’re looking at gigs that are both offline and online which actually increases your chances. What you may want to include is visiting as many cities within their listings and looking for long distance online gigs.

There are thousands of jobs available for you at Odesk depending of course on your skill set. I have to say that you’ll need to be able to do at least one thing that other people will want to have done. Some of these contractors will require you to use software that proves you’re actually working when you say you are. This is a departure from the Fiverr model, but it’s included because you can make money there which is the most important thing.

While you are looking for places to make money, then is another site you can investigate. Beware the jobs and people hiring on this site typically do not pay very well at all. But as always it will be based on what you expect and want to make, and a lot of freelancers are just looking for supplemental income. If you really don’t have much to offer, then look at the jobs and see what you can quickly learn and do.

You really have to just keep looking for the right opportunities for gigs because there are a lot. It might seem like Fiverr is completely unique but it really isn’t because gigging isn’t anything new. You should join all of them if you have a decent set of skills that people will pay for. Work with the sites we’ve listed here to help yourself get some startup capital for the business that you want to start.
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