You can build a mobile website and hope it will earn money for you, but first you have to monetize it in the right way. When it comes to making money from your mobile website, you can do lots of things, but not every method works for every site owner. So choosing a monetization method greatly depends on your personal comfort level and as well as your target audience. The way you build an online business is to monetize your site and gradually increase your efforts and profits over time. Let’s look at three practical techniques you can use to earn money from your mobile website.

Let’s start out by looking at one of the most frequently employed monetization techniques, known as contextual advertising. To use this type of advertising, you sign up for Google AdSense (or a similar program), place the code they give you in the right place and wait for ads to start appearing. These ads enable you to get paid for every click, and they are related to the content of the page on which they appear. You won’t make a fortune overnight with contextual advertising, but it’s a way to make passive income, especially once your site starts receiving lots of traffic.

There are literally tens, if not hundreds, of millions of people who choose affiliate marketing to monetize their web businesses. Effective affiliate monetization methods include optins for email marketing, adding banners, links, video and other means to your mobile website. You get paid for every sale you generate or for every lead/click. This is perhaps the one monetization model of choice for millions of internet marketers, but you do need to learn more about it if you’re not familiar. This is one monetization model that very many people do on a full-time basis. If you only wanted to use this method for monetization that would be fine, and you can do very well with it.

Having banner or other types of ads on your mobile website is another good way to monetize it. For as long as people have been putting up mobile websites, virtual advertising space has been a valuable commodity. The reason it’s highly popular is because it helps you determine and decide your own rates, rather than being dependent on the middleman and give away commissions. You do, however, have to be getting quite a bit of traffic to your site before you can expect anyone to want to advertise on it. You’ll also have to spend a good amount of time managing the payments and handling the sales process.

So we have examined only three monetization methods, and rest assured there are hundreds of them being used. You never know when you’ll come across something that really just grabs you, and if that happens then take a closer look. The smart business owner never allows their business to stagnate or stop building.
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