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In the present world of cut throat business competition and hectic life and business schedules, getting short term or long term breaks is essential for one and all. This helps one get thoroughly relaxed and de-stressed and revitalizes one’s body, mind and soul. There can be no better way to enjoy the vacation than to go to one’s favorite place and forget oneself in the beauty and elegance of foreign surroundings. Besides enjoying the natural sightseeing, visiting historical and cultural places or getting engaged in your hobbies in a secluded place you can add to your joy and pleasure and experience your time and life in the best possible way.

Melbourne in Australia is the most livable city in the world that attracts backpackers and tourists from different parts of the world. Regarded as the dining capital of Australia, Melbourne has all it takes to be a leading tourist destination. The second most populated city of Australia features many cultural hotspots, world class bars and restaurants, large shopping complexes, attractive parks, sporting grounds and other experiences that together make for the most memorable travel holidays.  To top it all, watching a Boxing Day Test match held on the world famous Melbourne Cricket Ground starting on 26th December every year is an inexpressible experience in itself for cricket enthusiasts.  However in order to make your Melbourne tour an unforgettable and hassle-free experience you must plan and prepare in advance.

Finding cost convenient accommodation for backpackers may have been quite difficult for budget conscious tourists and young people few years back. However considering the large influx of tourists and their demand for cost effective group accommodation a large number of youth hostels have emerged and established themselves in Melbourne to meet the accommodation needs of these people. These new age youth hostels offer spacious and convenient accommodation to backpackers at a cost that does not burn a huge hole in their pockets. Besides this, some hotels offer free Wi-Fi, free breakfast, secure car parking and free entertainment through an Events Program. The experienced staff in these hostels are knowledgeable in the local culture and attractions. They can provide advice and directions that will enable you to have life enriching experiences during your Melbourne Tour.

Whether you are planning to visit Melbourne with your family for that unforgettable vacation tour or you are going there as a part of educational or business group, you must book cost effective accommodation from a top notch backpacker’s accommodation service provider. You can easily find a number of hostels that offer cheap accommodation services to backpackers in a seamless way. You can compare the features and price of different hotels and select the one that offers the best quality services at a budget friendly price.

Your accommodation options range from a bed in a dormitory to your own private room. At Habitat HQ you can also enjoy the free events program and thus spend some quality time with your friends in the bars, nightclubs or the sun-drenched Melbourne beaches.