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Transformer failure is a common occurrence that may lead to a heavy burden on exchequer of the power generation industry. Often the failure is caused due to improper maintenance and oil not being effectively filtered. Oil in transformer needs to be effectively filtered at times since the quality of oil deteriorates with the passage of time and rapid Oxidation that lead to contaminants bind together with oil molecules to form sludge. The sludge reduces the life span of the machine and ultimately causes failure of the device. Therefore it is utmost important  to get the transformer oil purified through using cutting edge tools and technology which will ensure effective functioning of the transformer.

Conventional oil filters and mechanical filters fail to trap the microscopic oil by-products that often destroy a transformer’s cellulose insulation system and leads ultimately to the failure of the device. If you are looking for a top notch company that will help you procure transformer oil purification, transformer degasing and transformer service equipment then you can easily find one that offers the best quality products and solutions.  PC GlobeCore is a leading manufacturer in the field of development and implementation of industrial equipment for reclamation, purification, drying and degassing of transformer, turbine, industrial and other oils, reclamation of all kinds of mineral oils with restoration of colour and operational specifications, as well as manufacturing of other high voltage service equipment.

Being Subsidiary of Ukrbudmash, Ltd. the company supplies the highest quality transformer oil purification equipment, dehydration, degassing and regeneration equipment, road construction equipment such as bitumen emulsion plants, polymer modified bitumen plants, bitumen storage plants, bitumen filtration units, colloid mills etc., production of liquid/fuel/biodiesel blending machines and design, construction and commissioning of Bio Diesel Plants.

Located in Poltava in Ukraine the company has its subsidiaries and dealer network all over the world. All equipment offered by the company complies with relevant international standards and the quality of products and services conform with ISO 9001:2001 standards. The expert and dedicated engineers of GlobeCore employs latest cutting edge tools and technology for turbine, transformer oil purification, and for oil degassing and oil regeneration.

GlobeCore PC designs and develops continuous biodiesel and ethanol blending skid Systems and Cavitation System for petroleum industry, utilizing the most innovative technologies and energy saving solutions. So if you want to save your precious time and money and get the industrial oil purification equipment or oil degassing plants or oil regeneration plants or other transformer service equipment then make it a point to contact our exclusive  dealers or authorised agents who will help you get the required products and services. This will help you in proper and timely maintenance of your transformer or other industrial equipment.