Luxurious lives are retained by many of us. With all the ostentatious facilities we have started living a lavish life. Such a proper comfy and opulent space makes one travel to the seventh heaven. Luxury includes all the type of comfortable items that is needed to make our life easier. The latest technology has made it possible for us. Almost Every house has all the essential needs which help us to shrink our physical labor. Today we can complete task with just few clicks and we have solutions for all the problems in our finger tips.

When you have such leisure’s at home it is obvious you will seek for it outside your home too. When you stay away from home and decide to spend few days at some other place, it is very common that you miss all the luxuries of the house. Our home is the perfect place. No other place can make you feel like home. In today’s busy generation people just keeps on running and running for work and for money. With more inventions we have also gone hand packed due to the new inventions. It’s the machine generation which has made us more comfortable and demanding.

Our demands will never end and that’s why to meet some of our demands and to give us a pinch of home like feeling, the hotels and the restaurants have set up facilities like. The warm welcome, the food and the services that they provide are very homely and effective. They try to make you feel like home. Such hotels have their own restaurants and other spaces like spa, gym and others. When you get all the facilities just under one roof like your home you will always love to visit that place. There a unlimited places where you get such services.

Most of them are very costly which normal people cannot afford. The middle class people also have all the right to enjoy such stuffs. But are there any such places where the middle class can enjoy all this leisure’s. The Shetty Gardenia is one such range where you can enjoy every kind of grand activities. Located at the growing extension of South Bangalore, Banashankari 2nd stage, offers the most luxurious facilities. The hotel rooms are fixed with stylish, fashionable, elegant and contemporary products. The facilities inside the rooms include high speed internet connectivity, LCD TV, laundry, dry cleaning, safe locker and a mini bar.

They have two restaurants “roof garden” and “sea spice by 7 stars” which have amazing interiors and seating arrangements. Both the restaurants have different cuisines accordingly. The main attraction is the sea food and North Indian food with the best quality wine. All the foods are cooked in home style which you can enjoy at its best. They also have a banquet hall which has the capacity of around 100 to 150 people suitable for birthday parties, cocktail parties, engagements. A one roof place where you can enjoy anything and everything. Visit

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