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May 10, 2021

London’s Calling.

This is another dress From Izabel London, posted on lookbook today! I absolutely love the gold detail on this dress and think this is what I will wear at an event coming up in London possibly with the fur cape as well, what do you think? Is is special enough? The event is 6pm-9pm so got to think of the time of day and also FULL of fashion bloggers etc. Help 🙂 Also I did a shoot this time last week with my lovely talented freind Chloe, below is a little preview of whats to come!! Hope you like it. Planning outfits for a work experience week in London. Hello hello, so the title sums it up really! Next week is going to be very exciting indeed, spending Monday – Friday at a completely awesome illustration agency called ‘Jelly’. Located right in the center of London means the week is going to busy, tiring but such a great experience. I am a very organised person so last night I decided to plan a few outfit ideas to get some feedback from you lovely fashionistas! So any way I will give a brief outfit description under the image and would love it if i could get your thoughts and help. I am thinking layers so on the stuffy tube outfits will need to be versatile and interchangeable The dress code is casual so I don’t want to get carried away with the whole ‘work’ theme, I want to be myself, be comfy but still stylish. So would love it if you could help me out, thanks! Evening all, hope you are enjoying your halloween weekend! Here is a ‘spooky’ post for you all. I zombified my snow white costume to make it all gross and dead like. (worst description ever). Imagine she takes the bite of a poison apple and is never saved by prince charming, therefore is left to rot away in a bed of white roses. I can’t wait to wear this out hopefully on halloween evening to a party! Any one else have there outfit planned? Also PLEASE hype my lookbook post as it is for the American Apparel competition! Thank you. Wish List // Dazzling and dreamy glitter favorites for the party season. Good evening all. All night I have been browsing stores online in preparation for the party season. What with Halloween next week sweaters for women(look out for a spoooooky post to come) time is running out and I want to snap up some beauties before they sell out and I can’t go to the ball with prince charming. A few of the things in my ‘list’ I already have so I kind of cheated but I have still yet to wear them, and will get posts up with those shortly, but for now here is my little collage of pretty things and the name/links below! Enjoy. Hello everyone! Hope you are all well. I have had a great few days and am feeling rather contented right now. It is a nice feeling after working so hard all the time! Yesterday my lovely friend Chloe Lee came down to Portsmouth where I live to shoot some photos of me for her project. I wont give too many detials away on the theme etc just yet but I have added a photo below for you as a preview. It was such a fun day and it felt so odd but cool being a model in that kind of way and working together to be creative and think of interesting ways to capture a feeling etc. So excited to post you all the final photos for that!

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